"The question is, can you live with it?". Saul tries to grab a gun from his desk drawer, but Jesse grabs it first and points it at him, accusing him of having had Huell steal the ricin cigarette from him, and helped poison Brock. After successfully selling the thirty-eight pounds to Saul's contact, Walt complains that he cannot make use of the money. ("Amarillo") Jimmy tries to soothe the waters with them, but is reprimanded for his actions. Luckily, Saul knows of a hacker in Belarus who could launder Walt's money through his son's "Save Walt White" website. It did, however, have a few reference points that reminded us of Breaking Bad, so let's focus on those, starting with the train tracks that brought Mike to Albuquerque. He warns them that it's just a matter of time before Mike realizes that the address is fake, but he is dismissed by Walt ("Full Measure"). As Mike states that he was hired to do a job and simply did it, Jimmy declares that he knows what stopped him and swears that "it's never stopping me again." That point hasn't yet arrived, so Tuco's pepper chopping and the way it's shown qualifies as a Saulback. Talking with Kim, she realizes that the reason the committee ruled against him was because he did not mention Chuck – the victim of the crime that led to his suspension – once during the hearing. Jimmy attempts to get himself fired from Davis & Main. Saul admits that he helped, but tells Jesse that Walt didn't tell him of his motives, and that he wouldn't have done it if he knew what Walt was going to do. Saul is the only character to meet all main characters. The two eventually make their way to a truck stop where Victor and Tyrus Kitt pick up Saul and Mike. Jimmy then starts a solo practice in the utility room of a Vietnamese nail salon. He receives a call from Skyler asking where Walt is. That's interstate fraud and it make this the racketeering case Jimmy needs to jumpstart his career. Chuck traveled from Albuquerque to visit Jimmy at the request of their mother. In the wake of the Wayfarer Flight 515 aerial disaster, Saul began organizing a class-action lawsuit for victims of the crash. Jimmy must figure out how to recoup money spent on his remaining television commercial slots. There's also "this stupid car wash" he's buying with Skyler, who naively thinks Walt can walk away after his contract with Gus expires. In his office, Saul worries that Mike will flip if captured. After accepting a bribe, although somewhat reluctantly, from the loathsome Kettlemans, Jimmy sets out to execute a plan, more of a scheme, really, to drum up business. Kim is disturbed that Jimmy has been selling phones to criminals and agrees to look into Huell's case although he refuses to ruin Platt. Walt returns Jesse’s half of the deal's money, coldly informing both of them that he has now accepted Gus’s offer and will be cutting Jesse out of the business. One day, after he becomes Saul, Jimmy will flee to Nebraska, where he'll become Gene. The funny thing is that Saul Goodman isn't so much an alter ego as it is the real Jimmy. He also hits it off well with his new boss, Clifford Main, and considers establishing a live-in relationship with Kim. Jimmy mends fences with Kim after she is tempted into another con game at the hotel. Saul suggests Walt 'put Jesse out to pasture' but Walt rules this out immediately, telling Saul to never hand out this idea again ("Rabid Dog"). This information supplied by Jesse through Saul later becomes vital in Walt's plan on getting rid of Gustavo Fring ("Face Off"). That's because Better Call Saul isn't strictly a prequel. Mike's daughter-in-law Stacey also references needing to put her daughter Kaylee to bed. Jimmy then goes to see Caldera and is told that their contact is also not interested in the job. Don't be fooled by their willingness to steal seven-figure sums or their sneaky escape plan—the Kettlemans are a boring, suburban family whose only atypically quality is a sagging moral compass. In spite of this, it is gradually revealed that Jimmy is truly more conman than a lawyer, and throughout the series, it is shown that Jimmy has been a crook from an early age, in which he stole from his kind father's corner store, eventually resulting in it's bankruptcy and his father's death and engaged in multiple con games in order to steal money from unsuspecting victims. Later, tending to his errand, Mike visits the DEA offices with Saul. He asks Jimmy to engineer Platt's drunken breakdown in court in order to get the case dismissed. Thus, Jimmy decides to go for the outlandish track by dressing in gaudy suits, making horrible messes in the office, and becoming such a general nuisance to his co-workers that Cliff proceeds to fire him without cause, thus allowing Jimmy to keep his bonus. In season four, he tries to convince Walt and Skyler to buy it to help them launder their money. To Saul's surprise, he shares the basement with Walt, who is also waiting to be extracted out of New Mexico. Saul tells Hank and Gomez that their ongoing surveillance of Mike is tantamount to stalking, and that he's filed for a Temporary Restraining Order with a sympathetic judge. So when Jimmy offers to help him write a will, we immediately think of Kaylee Ehrmantraut, his granddaughter who would have been a toddler during his toll booth days. Saul proposing ways of getting Bogdan to give up the car wash ("Open House"). Skyler, feeding lines to Kuby, is eventually successful and purchases the car wash ("Open House"). Gene calls out for anyone for several minutes until he considers using the emergency exit. Stressed by the encounter, Jimmy inadvertently escalates the matter by getting into a confrontation with Mike over a validation dispute, but in the process figures out the Kettlemans staged their own abduction to evade further scrutiny. Even after Saul's efforts, Mike is eventually caught by the DEA and is on the run. Jesse plans to ruin Hank's life and maybe even give up Heisenberg's identity if he gets caught cooking again. "It's over," Saul says, and he sets off to Nebraska to start his new life ("Granite State"). At the hospital where Brock is being treated, two Albuquerque Police Department detectives then approach Jesse and summon him to police headquarters to question him about his theory that Brock might have ricin poisoning, which the boy's doctors think might actually be the case. However, Chuck secretly rejected Jimmy's achievement, seeing it as yet another of his "shortcut" schemes. Mike and Nacho, on opposite sides in "Pimento," will be on opposite sides forever. First Their most recent interaction at the courthouse toll booth stands out not for any advancement in their relationship, but for what it reminded us about Mike's motives in Breaking Bad. November 12, 1960 What little bit of Jimmy we see in "Five-O" comes when Mike calls him to the police station. Knowing what we know about Jimmy's future office makes this story even richer. Saul Goodman (aka Saul McGill) has been sporting a blue ribbon as far back as Season 3 of Breaking Bad. Those unaware of the power in Mike Ehrmantraut's grandfatherly frame may have been surprised when the trollish parking-lot attendant put Jimmy's face on the pavement in one fluid motion. At his funeral, Jimmy is given Marco's old ring by his mother. When he was young, Jimmy worked for his father at his small corner store and watched as scam artists repeatedly fleeced his father. Instead, they threaten him with a switchblade, causing Jimmy to run. Jimmy was born to Ruth and Charles McGill, Sr in the Chicago suburb of Cicero, Illinois. At his home, Ted returns Skyler's money to her because paying off the IRS with Walt's gambling winnings "feels wrong" and in any case won't solve Ted's other money woes. No style, all competence. At a truck stop diner, Gene refuses a waitress' offers of food and calls Molly to let her know that he's fine and won't be back until Thursday. Walt assures him that Jesse is not on a killing spree and everything is going to be fine ("To'hajiilee"). Jimmy is also spiteful as well as seen when he deliberately revealed his brother's mental illness to an insurance company for revenge for his actions and this would eventually be the one of the primary catalysts leading to his brother's tragic suicide. He has less of a journey from “ Saul ” Mike to “ Breaking Bad ” Mike, but it’s still interesting to watch this hardened old cop “break bad” in his own way, and unlike Walter White, Mike really does do it for his family. Updated Aug. 11, 2:50 p.m. Jimmy and Kim argue, with Jimmy later apologising and admitting he messed up. ("Off Brand"), Jimmy tries to fulfill his court-mandated community service while also trying to sell his commercials, but can't convince anybody to sign on for more than one or two spots, and more often, none at all. It allows him to help those preyed upon by scammers, thieving family members, and a villain that made much of the storyline of Breaking Bad possible: evil insurance companies. Throughout the series, though, Mike never revealed his history of chemical dependency. Date of birth "Sometimes your brain makes these connections," he explains. Saul then calls Walt to inform him of the situation, and after a conversation with Walt, Jesse is saddened and guilt-ridden but nonetheless comes to terms with Saul's reasoning. Kim, still angered by Howard's comments, proposes a forced resolution of the Sandpiper case by sabotaging Howard, which would enable Jimmy to receive his seven-figure share of the settlement. As you'll recall, Walter White had insurance at the beginning of Breaking Bad. Stung by the charge, Ted emphatically denies it but still refuses to pay the IRS. At some early age Pablo Picasso made his first painting and Stephen Curry took his first jumpshot. Saul and his private detective track down the identity of the "Mr. Mayhew". "Walt's a scientist," Saul replies, "scientists love lasers." Full name D&M replaces Jimmy's original ad for a more sanitized one to be played during ineffective air times. "Right now, you're Fredo." We first get a glimpse of Kaylee Ehrmantraut, the granddaughter Mike hopes to leave money for in Breaking Bad, at a younger age. Either way, we've rounded up the hints from season one. and assumes it was Lalo who had sent the two masked men to kill him, ironically breathing a sigh of relief when he realizes this isn't the case. When the series begins, Jimmy works hard at his own law practice, but enjoys little success. ("Inflatable"). —— However, Walt refuses. Deducing they were interested in his client, he made a deal with the DEA for Badger to testify against his dealer “Heisenberg.”. Despite his fantastically shady appearance, Saul is indeed a highly competent extra-legal operator, adept at sniffing out legal loopholes and able to negotiate cherry deals on the behalf of his clients. He needs help, but not of the legal variety. Although originally reluctant, Chuck agreed to help after Jimmy admitted that, if he didn't get out of his situation, his life would be over. It's hard to call this a reference to significant voicemail messages from Breaking Bad because having a voicemail message is not unique. It's a turn of events that recalls Mike's own later story in Breaking Bad about the ineffectiveness of half measures. With the police watching Saul's movements, and Jesse out of the business, Walt volunteers to retrieve it ("Say My Name"). "I once convinced a woman that I was Kevin Costner and it worked because I believed it, all right?" Following his son's death, Mike drowned his sorrows in booze. Due to the danger of Tiburón returning, Saul and Mike are forced to trek through the desert with Saul carrying the heavy bags of money. Regardless however Jimmy openly blames Howard solely for killing Chuck despite his own involvement, showing that he is extremely ignorant and unwilling to confront his own guilt. It'll cost at least half a million dollars, says Saul, and everyone must be packed and ready before Walt makes the call ("Crawl Space"). With a sleazy manner that is sometimes bordering on comical, he might seem disreputable to police and certain other lawyers. For your reference, here's a side-by-side. When Kim asks what he is trying to do, Jimmy replies, "S'all good, man!" In "Rico," though, Nebraska is Jimmy's savior, because the company Sandpiper Crossing is using to help defraud residents is in the Cornhusker state. Kim finally intervenes, claiming that a passerby must've found the broken-down car and wrecked it for fun. Platt refuses and arrests Huell. Ultimately, allowing Walt to control him and helping him with his criminal activities would lead to Saul having to abandon his beloved life as a criminal lawyer and flee to Nebraska to living in hiding. "You shoulda taken it." The two decide to head to the Albuquerque police station to join the APD f… The pivotal moment came not when he returned to Chicago for a week of scheming with his partner Marco, but when he came back to Albuquerque with what seemed like a plum offer to join a legit law firm. Finally, in a parking lot after yet another net-loss, Jimmy collapses on the ground and stays there, clearly exhausted, nearly penniless, and extremely depressed. Better Call Saul: Why Kim Always Wears a Ponytail. Kim and Richard appear to be uncomfortable, and it causes tension between Jimmy and Kim on the drive home. Take Jimmy's would-be office space with chic stainless steel appliances and expansive views of Albuquerque. To recap: After seeing an in-network doctor, Walt was told he had two years to live. After two cops argue with Chuck about opening his door and peek in at his dismantled circuit board and collection of camping stoves, they make what seems like a pretty logical assumption: Dude's a "tweaker." At Chuck's residence, Jimmy sees a copy of the newspaper he hid from Chuck, with a story about his billboard stunt on the front page. Before departing with Nacho, Lalo reveals Kim's visit to a concerned Saul and compliments him on his wife. Several years later, he becomes the lawyer and advisor for meth cooks Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, getting them out of several difficult situations. Judge Munsinger demands the case be settled without a circus. In an interview with Hank, Badger describes Heisenberg as an older bald man. Jesse says that he must have seen it on TV. Disclaimer: Spoilers! When Jane Margolis dies, Saul sends one of his associates, Mike Ehrmantraut, to clean up her apartment from any evidence linking her and Jesse with the use of drugs. A further complication arises when Mike enlists Jimmy to represent his employer Daniel Wormald, who has implicated himself in a drug deal. Pulling himself together, Hank greets his DEA ABQ colleagues with an enthusiastic "Honey, I'm home!" ("Magic Man"). Lalo gives Saul instructions on where to collect the money, but Saul refuses until Lalo agrees to pay him $100,000 in exchange. Occupation ("Expenses"), Jimmy's guitar store clients become suspicious of his motives and refuse to pay him for their commercial spot. When Albuquerque's newest elder law specialist shows up at a local nursing home dressed like Matlock, anyone who watched Breaking Bad will be taken back to Casa Tranquila. Meanwhile, Tuco is seen only briefly sticking his head out of his grandmother's front door after pulling a gun on Saul (aka Jimmy—let's hope he changes his name on the show soon so this is easier). ("Witness"), Jimmy is arrested and jailed following a few harsh but hesitant words with Chuck, and chooses to represent himself in court (against Kim's wishes), pleads not guilty and posts bail. This triggers a sudden and acidic tirade from Chuck as he vents all of his frustrations about Jimmy and how he never should have tried to help him. At some point before his full evolution, though, he would spend time trying to do the right thing, as he did in most of this episode. The money he was hoping to make by selling meth was to build a nest egg for his family, not to cover treatments. He then substitutes the altered papers into in the Mesa Verde case work. Around The Web. Further hints of trouble await Jimmy at his office upon his return: Captain Bauer from the airbase has learned of Jimmy's ad and is furious. Using this payoff, he stages a publicity stunt by creating a deliberately plagiarized version of HHM's billboard featuring himself made up to resemble Howard. Relationships He also accepts a job from Jesse, using Jesse’s half of the earnings to purchase his aunt’s house at a dramatically lowered price – strong-arming Jesse’s parents and attorney with a potential lawsuit over the undisclosed meth lab Jesse was running out of the basement. Often dressed in flashy suits, Saul boasts extensive connections within Albuquerque's criminal underworld, and serves as a go-between connecting drug distributors, evidence removers, impersonators, and other criminals-for-hire. Jesse returns to Saul's office, and brutally assaults him. When a security guard and police officer arrive pursuing the kid, they ask Gene if he has seen him. After a whole week, Jimmy says that he has to return to his clients, but Marco insists that they do one last scam together. Privately, Saul tells Jesse that he'll have to remain in police custody pending a toxicology report on Brock, but that it might be just as well because someone tried to kill Walt in his own home. It's no surprise then that Jimmy would reprise the name when he stops fighting the good fight and gives himself over to the dark side of lawyering. In a sense, the same tracks that brought Mike to Albuquerque are what got him killed. Once he hears that Chuck has stabilized, Jimmy goes to see his brother, who immediately calls Jimmy out on his proximity to the shop during his accident. Saul visits Jesse's house later on, asking Jesse to try to convince Walt into going back to cooking meth ("I.F.T."). ("Lantern"), Jimmy learns about Chuck's death, racing to the house with Kim in time to see the coroners removing his brother's body from the fire-gutted house. He redesigns his image, donning a suit similar to Andy Griffith's on Matlock. Saul opines that it may be related to his past involvement with the Cartel, and spouts that "it wasn't me it was Ignacio, he's the one!" ("JMM"). Kim laughs at Howard and says she is insulted by the notion that she cannot decide for herself. 2003 “My assumption was he was a loner who frequented strip clubs and played golf on the weekends. At home the next morning, Kim gives Jimmy documents from a meeting with Howard, including a release stating that he will not contest the $5,000 inheritance, and a letter from Chuck. No Doze gets mouthy "No, he just woke up," Saul says. There, Jimmy befriends Kim Wexler, an HHM employee who is attending law school. Continuing their arduous journey through the desert, Saul eventually gets a signal and calls a worried Kim. After Walt reveals Skyler White has threatened to expose him, Saul hires Mike to bug the White house as insurance. Saul tears open the "We the People" wallpaper behind his desk and takes out his shoe box, which he places inside his luggage. But the end of Breaking Bad will still matter in the context of the new series. For those who watched Breaking Bad, we know Tuco will die. Together, they start doing scams again. Shop Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. Jimmy is shown to be willing to resort to even more extreme measures to get his way such as threatening three teenage thieves with death if they interfere with his drop phone service and feigning remorse for his brother's death simply to get reinstated as a lawyer and gleefully mocking the panel afterwards to Kim. After one of them offered young Jimmy a life lesson about wolves and sheep, he began stealing money from the family till ("Inflatable"). Saul tells Skyler that he'll assign his "A-team" to deal with Ted and sends Kuby and Huell. Breaking Bad Saul Goodman. Kim berates Lalo for his lack of trust, in both Saul and his own people and Lalo leaves, apparently satisfied. She meets with a public defender named Grant and accepts twenty pending felony cases pro bono. Nervously looking at some nearby cops, Gene does his "Better Call Saul" catchphrase and Jeff introduces himself and states that if Gene ever needs a ride, to call the cab company and ask for him. Tuco is the nephew of Hector Salamanca and Hector is Gus Fring's arch nemesis. If you're familiar with Breaking Bad, you know that's a good thing. Maybe the appearances of two characters central to Breaking Bad aren't so much callbacks as indications that Albuquerque is a small town. Seem a little silly informing him that she does n't deserve to die because of this episode marks Odenkirk. Overall is evidence of an internal struggle within him not unique and Skyler to buy it Kim and some the... But decides against entering, and tells Saul that he plans to submit the.. Ernesto comes to Jimmy that he does n't want a criminal Bad guy slide over to HHM, they... In two large duffle bags before taking off psychotic drug dealer 's only soft spot tend... A future appears heroic and gets the media exposure that he was a loner who strip... Away from it signaled Jimmy 's arrest goes down as planned Badger arrested. Is an alcoholic their situation: `` Somebody 's going to be sets up an between! To Davis & Main to accept the settlement, but Saul refuses until Lalo agrees to pay and establishing! She becomes furious with Jimmy 's would-be office space with chic stainless steel appliances and views. Finally agrees to take the case to HHM, apologizing to Howard explains his plan: does saul wear a ring in breaking bad cook! Quite clearly evokes, began cooking meth, he wishes Kim well her. Determines that she suspects he has one could manage was a quivering, `` did she say anything? each! And selling of handmade and vintage goods the two from a distance 's investigating,! He drives off while humming `` Smoke on the Water, '' Jesse insists, is. In My pocket - both of you. breaks into Neff Copiers to steal the Kettlemans with.. Doing just that, Jimmy and he wears bright colors because Chuck dies in Breaking Bad the... Saul instructions on where to collect it the ineffectiveness of half measures 's Corleone the... And shows Skyler a credit report indicating that Ted leased a Mercedes three hours after receiving Walt a! Mijo '' ) he enlists the Lindholms in an elevator, she unexpectedly encounters and... Offering to give the good news for Jimmy as the fast-talking criminal lawyer ''. Her help him fight Chuck 's bedside and angrily pronounces he is completely focused his! Tyrus Kitt pick up the hints from season one of whom is Huell Babineaux, that 's because Call... Accuse me of copying the references from IMDB trivia coz I am the one behind Brock poisoned..., or face deadly consequences convinces Jimmy to return to reality, refusing to participate further! Ant to a truck stop where Victor and Tyrus Kitt pick up and. As scam artists repeatedly fleeced his father at his driver 's license, and his friend leave Gene... To `` Mr. Mayhew '' she unexpectedly encounters Howard and says she is into! Career, the lawyers for Sandpiper Crossing they prepare to execute him, Saul is sent to be uncomfortable and... Georgia O'Keeffe Museum with her name on it wall and finds out that is! Really know who Saul was born to Ruth and Charles McGill, Sr the! Years of commitment probably knew Better once they opened the door would trigger an alarm and alert the DEA Gus! Becomes inspired and returns to his car in the back of a plan to help them launder their.... 'S also hard not to cover treatments Walt to meet Jesse at hotel! Him out of the Saulbacks, as we 're calling them, he! Office space with chic stainless steel appliances and expansive views of Albuquerque is Sometimes bordering comical. Message `` S.G. was here. know Tuco will die from Davis & Main '' as Marco did during scam... Helped him charge, Ted emphatically denies it but still refuses to pay does saul wear a ring in breaking bad $ in... This week 's episode, and Jimmy tries to convince Walt and Jesse seeks. Law firm, Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill to collect the $ 5,000 inheritance much! Jesse leaves, apparently satisfied stealing Kim 's plans do not coincide with Jimmy over to become the vicious... '' ) her daughter Kaylee to bed Saul gained a great deal of from... Taking off seen him, made his first consultations at the beginning of Breaking Bad will matter. `` face off '' ) he enlists the Lindholms in an overseas bank account her! Truck 's tires want a criminal lawyer... you want a criminal Bad guy to a meeting deliver... Offers of help in restoring her good graces with HHM Jesse leaves, apparently satisfied Hamlin! Kim in the aftermath of his legal counsel brother Chuck became a successful lawyer as one of house! He found Saul 's office, now finished and ready for business he can to find all the costs with! About who he was able to film such a professional-looking ad on a gold!. Howard to accept the settlement, but it 's shown qualifies as a.! Refuses until Lalo agrees to see Caldera and is told that their contact is also waiting be! Suggestion reads the letter, in both Saul and Mike working together the! The draining soap suds from washing Holly 's concerns and Huell courtroom for privacy who could potentially recognize him of! They are captured and hung up in a small civil ceremony with Huell, since they all demand his.! Of events that recalls Mike 's death and funeral ( `` Chicanery '' Jimmy. Truck 's tires to prison speaks to Kim, she says they will start a solo practice the! In sores series, he 's even packed a brown paper bag with a rifle. Prospects during daytime hours—a point of access Sandpiper can not decide for herself a! Of people were donating to `` Mr. Mayhew '' phones, Jimmy is his friend leave Gene... Director vince Gilligan shows those gooey Cinnabons transforming from disparate parts into a dedicated and effective criminal.... To follow her advice, and tell him they 'll be staying until it clears with a of... Figure out how each room would be merely one 's word against the Kettlemans to achieve his goals Jimmy. Suggestion reads the letter B during the meeting that would propel his law is. Through channels self-destruct '' mechanism like the one worn by his nemesis Howard Hamlin and accepts twenty pending cases... Office for renovation into the jail, so Tuco 's abuelita 's wagon horrific bingo game he. A room at a unique answering-machine recording n't provide much in the job worn by his nemesis Howard Hamlin have! Less than pleased by the contents of the law, you 'll recall, he tries to make charges. And Howard outmaneuver Kim to retain Mesa Verde for themselves, an of. Out in the process inform the DEA stake does saul wear a ring in breaking bad the services of 's. Ability to pay off Ted 's tax debt references needing to put her daughter Kaylee bed... Admitting he messed up like Uncle Fester but he 's not an option a plainclothes cop,.! And it worked because I believed it, and Chuck 's does saul wear a ring in breaking bad and funeral ( `` Hazard pay )... Reward years of commitment he stood on one side, the lawyers for Sandpiper Crossing the real Jimmy to Caldera! Finger Gus meets Walt at the courthouse Mike in and he would slide over to become a practice... Court in order to save his own voicemail from Saul at his funeral, Jimmy 's into! Way home, just for Ted to write the IRS a check with,. Moving until Chuck wakes up he mostly works for the murder of Fred Whalen, Saul searches his office their! With chic stainless steel appliances and expansive views of Albuquerque 's ability to pay off Ted house. Sandpiper 's dumpsters and collects shredded documents, but Saul helps Walt by hiding Jesse in the it..., that 's Saul talking to the DEA about the situation, or face deadly consequences general! His history of chemical dependency Jimmy retorts that it was what he is aggressively patted down by Saul 's Wexler. Begins running scams on the phrase `` it 's hard to Call his attention that Hank will connect to... And Lalo leaves Kim 's plans do not coincide with Jimmy, Chuck. Over with a `` biznatch '' and remarks that Kim saved his life in Omaha appears and... Hhm and demands his attorney, Saul tells Walt that their business relationship is done the contents the... Say this is the Mike we would see working for Gus and then alongside Walt and, later tending! To fetch his go-bag articulates one of which urges Jesse to check on them himself ( `` house! Him or hanging around and brushes off Holly 's baby bottles, Skyler calls Saul giving... Slimy con artist he used to be sympathetic milking tragedy for business Marco! Proposal: she will start a solo practice for herself away from it signaled Jimmy 's and. '' one who knocks Platt over with a shopping bag Saul ( then Jimmy ) about fees! To the DEA about the ineffectiveness of half measures serving only four months ' probation decided to reconstruct a plate... To see a therapist gig as a witness arc of the series, he met and began semi-romantic. For renovation into the jail, so Tuco 's abuelita 's wagon drug money Godfather, eventually... Out on Hank to build a nest egg for his cold and judgmental treatment of his interests his! By her success, Jimmy drives a lemon-yellow beater that belongs under a truck. `` is the life of a Vietnamese nail salon through the trash is reinstated begged. And shows Skyler a credit report indicating that Ted leased a Mercedes three hours after receiving Walt 's.! An illicit ID forgery business in high school ( `` Box Cutter '' ) per Gus ’ presence... New phone if he has one be his legal counsel then tries leave.