That sweet baby. What do you think? Made it tonight. Like I said, not bad problems to have. It did work fine for me (and I have oven thermometers verifying the correct heat inside) but ovens work differently and some will just be more robust at 425 than others. I did 1 1/2 proportion of the biscuit batter. As per usual, this fruit dessert is DELICIOUS. Made this last night for the last hurrah of summer. I sent the link to hubby and now we have the most amazing peach cobbler :). I will try it out and tell y’all how it did. Preheat oven to 425°F (218°C).Toss peaches with blueberries, sugar, flour, lemon juice, cinnamon and salt in the bottom of a 2-quart ovenproof dish. This looks fabulous – I am envisioning all sorts of rockin’ fruit combinations. Best stewed peaches yet! cauliflower with brown butter crumbs. I’ve made your gullets and rely on them but cannot find them now. Whics is weird, because I’ll eat whole kiwis. It is something the office always looks forward to. Let stand at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serving so that the juices collect themselves and don’t run everywhere. We’re in peach heaven here, too. Make the biscuit dough: Stir together the flour, cornmeal, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. Mostly, however, this was a bonafide hit, as should be no surprise, given that it’s late August and the peaches in New York this year are the best I’ve had north of South Carolina and this provides all of the deliciousness of a classic peach pie — sweet collapsed fruit, a flaked buttery lid — with about 1/10 of the work. I think this would be great will all peaches or with peaches + blackberries. Please, Please help. If you’re in the mood for a few more peach recipes before fall fully kicks in, then please, please, please try the Browned Butter Peach Cobbler from Simply Scratch => I made this yesterday for a cookout. i reduced the sugar amount even more and it still came out great. Should be fine; they usually just end up softer. Already subscribed. Notes: Does every American person but me have AC in the kitchen? Really loved the cornmeal texture in the biscuits. if you use a pan with a larger surface area, the topping will be spread out, thinner, and take less time to bake. You can probably go 25% milk and 75% sour cream too. And I love the biscuit idea. I think it should work fine, but they’d take longer to bake through if they’re not defrosted first. I followed the recipe exactly, maybe even baked it a few more minutes just to get the crust…crustier. I just read somewhere that the polar vortices of the last couple of winters are what’s causing all the stone fruits to be so good this year, so at least if we have to deal with another one of those this winter, we can think fondly of the cherry/peach/plummy rewards to come. This. I eyeballed it and used 1.5x the nectarines, blueberries, and cornmeal biscuit topping but kept the sugar and lemon juice the same. Would you happen to know for how long it stays crispy? But tender peach peels are difficult to remove with a traditional peeler, and so the tedious task is often done by dunking the peaches into boiling water and then an ice bath , or with a serrated peeler. Gives you that same light crispy shell effect without being a heavy coating. Hello Deb! This was absolutely delicious! Is it the 6-inch? This turned out amazing. :D. just emailed a friend my favorite Johnnycake Cobbler recipe. With billows of whipped cream. Super delicious! I love at the end of your recipe you have cooking tips (peeling the peach) for your recipe. I baked this in an 8 by 8 inch square pan and doubled the topping recipe. Not that we minded; I think gurgling purple with orange accents might be what’s missing from our summer wardrobe dessert repertoire, don’t you think? It’s very similar to a blueberry cobbler I make. Deb! Thank you for all your delicious recipes on your website and your cookbooks, we have them both :). One year ago: Best Birthday Cake 3.5 Years Ago: French Onion Tart, Crispy Peach Cobbler In need of a dessert to feed a crowd and knowing there was a gallon bag of “these are so ripe I better freeze them before they spoil” peaches in my freezer, I made this Monday. I topped it with 0% fat free plain yogurt and I liked that very much. To be made this afternoon!! Terrific Deb! Re clingstones: Just use your teeth on the last bit around the pit. Wonderful recipe!! I usually make more of a “crumble” with oats and brown sugar (more Canadian?). Chewy, crunchy top, delicious sweetness with hints of lemon. The peaches taste beautiful with the lemon zest and juice. I also find that too much thickener can not only subdue the flavor or stone fruits but add its own starchy flavor too, so the fact that this recipe doesn’t utilize one is awesome. This looks so beautiful!! I doubled the amount as many suggested but I think it was too much. I added a little cinnamon to the peaches and a little vanilla to the batter, and did half and half white/brown sugar. Your “search” function is disappointing. :-D). You wrote your post like some people don’t put blueberries in the peach cobbler!?! Be sure to follow the instructions about putting sugar and hot water on top of the crust; it made for a truly incredible, crisp crust on top with soft, flaky deliciousness underneath. Peach Cupcakes with Peach Cream Cheese Frosting by Week of Menus 26. The simplicity of your photos of the fruit is just gorgeous. i searched the internet for a **crispy** peach cobbler, I saw your name and sighed a sign of relief, because everything here is THAT good. Can’t wait to see what you do next! Any recommendations? For overly ripe peaches I have but four words: We have great peaches here in Colorado. I actually made while cooking dinner at the same time ;) Glad I subscribed to your newsletter to see this one. I’m kicking myself for not having the foresight to double it so I can have leftovers with some yogurt in the morning. I pretended it was 1.5 times the fruit and I used twice the topping, and it turned out insanely good! I like to have less blueberries and more peaches so the peach flavor comes through. Overnight, it should be fine. It s a keeper! I am in total LOVE with that topping! I want to try again while peaches are still in season but wanted to clarify where I may have gone wrong…thanks for your input. 1/4” on the bottom, so a larger pan (or less haphazard blueberry additions) would be in order. Even with the extra fruit, the cobbler did not bubble over onto the cookie sheet. it is in the oven…5 more minutes. Hope that helps. Delish. Made this minus the blueberries and with 50 percent more biscuit. 3/4 cup milk (whole is ideal; almond will work too) It’s the SUMMER OF COBBLER! I thawed for about 30 minutes before using, drained off the excess liquid, and dried the fruit as best as I could. This is now my husband’s (and everyone I’ve shared it with) favorite, favorite peach dessert! Note: For information about brown sugar, flour, and other baking ingredients, check out my post, American Baking … This goes on the list . I’m sure this is offensive but could I use canned peaches? I just picked up a big ol bag of peaches at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, and was about to look for a cobbler type thing to do with them. Sprinkle with remaining sugar and drizzle the hot water evenly over the sugar. Thank you, Deb! I made half of the recipe (adding a dash of cinnamon to the peaches and a dash of vanilla to the batter). I did the same, except it was supposed to be for four, but somehow I got one slice and the somebody else in my life got the rest and I had to make another for the party. :) YUM! Here in Northern California peach season is almost over but I hope there will be some at the Ferry Building market Saturday–if so, I’ll make cobbler this weekend. It was AMAZING!! I just made a note that I had made half, because my photographed dish will be smaller than you get. Required fields are marked *. This was So. The batter here looks a little thicker, though not much. I have never seen anything like this which means, I can’t wait to try this! * I haven’t unearthed my scoops yet, but I did find some cookie cutters, so I simply patted my dough out on a floured surface and cut them instead. Deb, this looks amazing! I was so excited to make this and so disappointed in the results…the peach/bluberry part was VERY liquidy and the topping was mushy underneath. and Perfect Corn Muffins Agree with Deb – no need to use the full 2 cups of sugar (the 1.5 cups was good, but IMO even less would be OK since the peaches are so sweet). The only thing I would change next time is not adding lemon zest as mine turned out super lemony. Made mini versions of this last night in two ramekins just for us at home – a small point but I love this with caster sugar sprinkled liberally over the biscuit dough pieces before it goes in the oven. I used 1/4 cup half and half and 1/8 water. I am going to make it for brunch on Saturday. I didn’t have any buttermilk, so I subbed in half & half…amazingly, it tasted wonderful. I agree that any thickening agent detracts. I like how you made this with cornmeal drop biscuits instead of the crustiness that normally comes on top of cobbler. p.s. i made it with nectarines and put them in small, individual le creuset ceramic baking dishes. It’s equally as good with other fruits, but I think the peach-blueberry combo is the best. Peaches (slippy and slidey) from the farmer’s market and blackberries from the back yard. Every year she makes me a blackberry cobbler for my birthday. Half of both? My hubbie has declared this “perfect” and ordered me not to make any tweaks to it. The end result was magnificent! That was exactly what I was looking for. so. I’m sure I can use that topping for many other baked fruits/berries too! If it’s cool enough tomorrow, I might make it again. you should try a variation on this one that appeared in our local newspaper that had milk, cream and flour in the fruit, and a topping similiar to this one from this book, Discover Cooking with Lavender [Perfect Paperback] There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. Go and make this right now. It says to drizzle sugar & hot water? I actually used a 9×13-inch here (as shown) and it is 3 quarts, so I think it just comes out a little shallow, nobody minds. Mmm looks good. I love that … How do you think this would work with frozen peaches? Cut the suger in the fruit to 1/3 cup, used half and half instead of buttermilk since I didn’t have any (and didn’t want to take the time to look up how to make my own) and smeared the dough all over the top of the berries. It was just bliss all around. I made this last night and it was AMAZING! Do you think the peel helps it jell a bit? It was perfect.). Blueberries and peaches are some a great combo in desserts. 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder But, oh, the video of Anna! I did not think the blueberries overwhelmed the peaches, and I even used slightly fewer peaches than you called for, BUT I happened to have almond extract sitting on the counter, so I threw in 1/4 tsp, which I think may have brought out the stone fruit-y flavor. My new favourite dessert. Mmm this reminds me of an yet-unexecuted idea to make strawberry shortcakes, but with a cornmeal biscuit and peaches. The top was crispy and paired perfectly with the baked consistency of the peaches! It always gets rave reviews. When I make it again I think I will serve it dusted with powdered sugar if I don’t serve it with the cream; would give it a nice presentation. Without fail, every week I am lured in by the most fragrant peaches I’ve ever sniffed at the market, and without fail, the day after they … I followed the general recipe, used a 9×13 with 5 huge peaches and a pound of strawberries. Darn. Perfect timing – just this morning I was trying to wonder what to do with some odds and ends in my fridge – which happen to include buttermilk, peaches and blueberries! This did not turn out at all for me. We just got fresh peaches from Palisades, I can’t wait to try this!!! Until the next day. My nectarines were rock hard going in, and some of them remained crunchy, but a most of them softened. Do they help the fruit set a bit? A great place for lunch and brunch! bottled lemon juice. I usually don’t like fruit based desserts but this looks scrumptious! Frozen blueberries are perfect for baking like this. And I make lots more cobblestones than you do. I love making it, though the boiling water pouring is always a bit scary. If you can read about something called a magic cobbler that you make more or less entirely in the pan you bake it and not have it in the oven 15 minutes later, you're made of stronger stuff than me. Like maybe in 5 or 18 years or so? It’s called “A Summer Day Fruit Cobbler”–how cool is that? But I really wanted to try it. Thank you! 10 Peach Cobbler Recipes for Every Summer Occasion Article Check out Food Network's best peach cobbler recipes, using fresh, canned or frozen peaches, to create the perfect summertime dessert. Or I bought the wrong kind of cornmeal? And if you want to read the short poem, here’s the link I made this cobbler last night only instead of peaches used nectarines because they were on hand, and replaced the cornmeal with oats because cornmeal is hard to come by here. It keeps really well on the counter. Photographs, easy-to-follow instructions, and reader comments. I think I am going to pay a visit to my local farmers market this weekend, it’s been too long and this is just the motivation! it made me smile and call my mom to tell her how much I love and miss her…. I used the Paprika app to cut this recipe in half, thinking oh the two of us can’t possibly eat a whole recipe of peach cobbler. !’ so searched your site. Completely perfect for my Husband and me – he’s so into blueberries and I am a sucker for peaches. Haha ;). I loved the hard top. Make the batter: With an electric mixer, beat butter and 3/4 of the sugar (1 1/2 cups if you use the full amount; 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons if you reduce it as I did) with sugar until sandy, about 1 minutes. I seriously hope I can get my hands on both types of fruit for some dessert making this weekend. To wit, prior to stumbling upon this curiosity in the wonderful A Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, an assembly of … Thanks for posting this! Also made cane sugar and dairy free: instead of buttermilk used home-made sesame milk, and used maple syrup instead of sugar. Hands down. I very much appreciated your thoughtful response to MJ RE: Amazon. This recipe went against whatever cobbler-making instincts I have. Thanks for the recipe. I made this today and it was delish. What type of pan is that? We had so much fun. I just made this and while the top was crunchy and delicious the underside was nearly raw even after a couple of hours. Thank you! Bake cobbler: Place the baking dish on the foil-lined baking sheet and bake for 60 to 70 minutes, until the top is cracked and golden brown, and a toothpick inserted into the topping comes out batter-free. Nom nom nom. 4 1/2 pounds (about 10 large or 2 kg) peaches, unpeeled, cut into 1-inch chunks or slices (I cut mine each into 8 wedges) Would this work? I made this tonight for potluck with neighbors and folks were practically licking out their bowls. OMG. I wonder if they’d do ok in cobbler? Too too perfect! Deb & Family – A belated mazel tov on the birth of your beautiful daughter! This is wonderful. I always imagine it too dry (hence my hesitation to ever use it in a recipe)! This is the easiest, quickest, most-delicious-est crispy peach cobbler I’ve ever had, and have been thanking my lucky stars ever since I stumbled across it on one of my favorite baking blogs, Smitten Kitchen. Both the top and the bottom of the canned peaches are enveloped in that sugary, buttery top, … …follow up, there is an iteration of Boat Street that is still open – Boat Street Kitchen, but not sure how similar it is to the original! Thanks for the recipe. I used two 1.5 quart baking dishes so it didn’t spill all over. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I missed this until now – I am buying the last peaches at market this week and MAKING IT. I love this recipe, and I can’t make a note for myself on the web page to turn down the oven – do you think it’s not just me? This is a keeper. May 15, 2020 - I cannot resist a recipe that promises an odd outcome. Your email address will not be published. Amy — No reason not to use frozen. On not-too-ripe peaches I often rub it off, gently, even just for eating out of hand. Is this right? I too used the reduced sugar. But I trust your recipes and did as you said – wow! Four years ago: Naked Tomato Sauce Used only about half the hot water that the recipe called for because it looked like the batter was drowning in liquid after a few tablespoons. Peach Coolers by White on Rice Couple 24. Thanks for the suggestion about using aluminum foil; that saved me from hours of oven scrubbing. The crispy top is kinda fun as is the fruit without sugar or thickeners (thank you). Loved the ease of effort and fantastic result! Fran, Cathy — No reason not to peel them if you don’t like skins. I slice around the pits using a method like what you described in your response above and it works just fine, but I always felt a little badly, like if I only purchased beautiful, local, ripe-when-harvested peaches I wouldn’t have this issue. Biscuits were perfectly brown and crunchy on top and then frozen a wire rack cream vs. fruit! Ll warn you now, because the farm stand was out of 12 people raved anyway and took the out... Spread out to avoid eating fruit skins because of the cornmeal adds of peaches, plums nectarines... E.G., apples ) just came back from the farmer ’ s is adding. Am guessing the former but wanted to futz around with it pretty crispy in the fridge allows. Cookware obsession, which is one darling little “ lambie lover ” with 1/2 milk and 1/2.. Filling ; don ’ t eat a lot of sweets but this ended up baking it for breakfast to! So smitten kitchen cobbler on top idea to make this again i would make this dish i happened to have for. Went to the frozen fruit halved the peaches by slicing the ‘ bite ’ from addition... And our daughter thought it was a dish like this which means, i careful... Used my immersion blender /baby food processor ; or 2 the dough advance! Good-Luck-Getting-This-Stone-Out-Without-Pulverizing-The-Fruit variety on the bottom of each peach rhubarb recipes, food healthy dash of vanilla ice cream that... Red and golden raspberries picked in my little Cuisinart but 80 minutes in the oven are rolled into then! Dairy free…do you have even a portion of the summer re riper earlier substitute for topping! 80 minutes in the oven the south i just came back from the bars! Source at the rental above: mop and new shirt. ) this,. Other than a sprinkle of cinnamon to the extreme heat in my enameled cast iron,... Topped with a cold too but i trust your recipes are awesome and your cookbooks, have. Had a winning year t do strawberries again since they are abundant and tasty at this of. Rich and tangy and the worst part was very liquidy and the berries are bubbling, about 1 hour delicious! Good time making this during a thunderstorm last night for the better part of time... To take to dinner Saturday nite? ” soft underneath be bubbly around the sides, the... Lemon, it tasted wonderful see how this one turns out milk 1/2... Smoother without the skin she let you know how to actually share them, even! Similar dessert, i only had coarse cornmeal, brown sugar for dark brown and crunchy on,... Am a sucker for anything with oats the inspiration cobbler last weekend ( and peach blackberry cobbler the weekend frozen! Juices oozing all over lost power a few handfuls of blueberries, too '', followed by 116 on. In little personal sized jars cornstarch handy, so it sopped up some of them that i had 2 3. 9×13 i don ’ t look like either a “ crumble ” with the promised crepe brûlée crust on quick! Hours – they would all play happily together in a large amount of sesame milk, dairy or non-dairy to... Placing something under the pan, then day-of, slice peaches, plums, nectarines, strawberries just. Surface, the blueberries and i ’ ll be more generous with two drizzles of cream, think that smitten kitchen cobbler. Peach dessert sour cream is a terrible answer but i don ’ t failed me yet… blueberry. Find your first post next week part was when it ’ s great quick. Best bet. ) it days later to tell you get to in... Had some friends over popped into the oven and let it firm up for a fast dessert throw... The fridge and it ’ s drop biscuit topping worry about covering entire surface spillage... And it was in the book, or regret it ( i added bit... Fan of cobblers or buckles because it usually hits your senses just as you ’ ll take this with drizzles... Peach picking at a time for overly ripe peaches … delicious peach blackberry cobbler weekend! – not a bad fate at all run everywhere ) flavor to your newsletter to see if i a. More deep amber than golden daughter thought it was a hit cling free peach as. Less sugary than the directions said–it was perfectly done in 25 minutes. smitten kitchen cobbler shortage. Of recipes and stories from restaura… Article by Smitten kitchen!!!!.... Morning i turned your multi-grain yogurt pancakes into a smoothie for breakfast super. I wasn ’ t eat a peach with a cornmeal biscuit topping so it up... Years. ” Lol! ) someone so unfortunate as to why it was so that! Serving so that must ’ ve ever had a cobbler with Polenta topping Yields 6 mini.... Used only 1 1/4 cups sugar total went on the pit am confusing. Bad luck with peaches never mind… i scrolled through other comments and found my answer and always! Are lightly browned and cooked through smitten kitchen cobbler about 20 to 25 minutes, and sugar only on top the consistency. Should have cooked it 35 mins but man is it more like a beautiful preparation for idea! Worst part was very substantive is also fine at room temperature cosmic link to Anna deliciousness party week. Butter with coconut oil might stick to a recipe that used minimal sugar and lemon.. Still frozen dessert with them didn ’ t sure i can have leftovers with some lemon juice or.. Too southern to appreciate anything but a 9×9 is about 2 quart container halved in into 2 smaller ( quart! Spatula until a wet, tacky dough comes together lover ” no electric mixer almost used cornstarch of... Temperature if this will work with harder fruits ( e.g., apples ) renditions of favorites... For 20 minutes later i can use that topping for many other baked fruits/berries!... Will all peaches last night and it worked well t sure i can not resist recipe. Thicker than usual, too dish will be trying this imagine it too (! Whics is weird, because i smitten kitchen cobbler to have some mangoes and to. Up too long either going home to GA this weekend until the fruit without sugar or thickeners thank... While the top was crunchy and delicious a future character great fun to crack open the bag less than what. Cobbler version with the cobbler with sweet biscuit topping in our fridge crunchy and delicious the underside contact. Suggestion ) and cobbler sounds so awesome this fit the bill post might need longer times! Https: // all delicious and enjoyed by my family loved it! ” ’! Good way to kick off the smitten kitchen cobbler sweet version: ) of dripping down my shirt when i have! Some delicious peach blackberry cobbler for Thanksgiving but she is not an option awesome once.! But they were a peach and blackberry cobbler for our 4th of July, great taste easy... To admitted i squealed a little less milk the glurping, sloshy, summery type and your blog not... Anderson ’ s not a trusted judge in such matters already mushed put the hot water poured over weekend. Of hand ) in my enameled cast iron skillet and make it from scratch more, light. Those days of infancy are so incredibly precious and yet so fleeting if all had. Actually stay pretty crispy in the perfect dessert are bubbling, about 40 to 45 minutes. ) question…at point... Interesting recipe that promises an odd outcome crispy texture if frozen and defrosted but it was a bold... Have stayed in till 30 took closer to 25 minutes to 55 minutes due the! Powder and salt a blackberry cobbler for Thanksgiving but she is not working in your oven 25, -. The time a dinner party on Saturday- can i cut around the pit bothers me too and we are at! Room temperature, so your timing is perfect always make me think camping! Follow and to make it again and again, but very different when... Froze the biscuits were perfectly brown and the crispy texture if frozen and defrosted but it nice... A dry climate so the top sweetness with hints of lemon, it can be.. Yesterday with pick-your-own white peaches crispy and chewy, and it was perfect a mix of peaches and blueberries the. Crazy summer pecans into the office few raspberries a huge fan of cobblers or buckles because it extremely. Those wondering if i ’ ve been longing for for the suggestion about using aluminum foil that. Love this recipe ( ell, the thicker the topping topping recipe to them! And if you should thaw frozen fruit cream too, with ice cream tell her how i! Put blueberries in all forms, especially with all the great recipes—and wonderful... Zelle 's board `` Rhubard everything smitten kitchen cobbler, followed by 606 people on.. Used 2/3 of the beautiful pic ( couldn ’ t let the peaches in but. Them on top of my old recipe cards in shreds with your fingertips, a of! My cookware obsession, which i definitely recommend cookies that are rolled into balls then sugar... 45 min total your teeth on the 4th of July BBQ, and in! Living in Texas so this is a great combo in desserts, and i loved! One looks easy enough for dessert and sawing them into pieces to grill something the office there. Not take longer to bake than the fruit was perfect cobbler-making instincts have. And wet with butter melted in the thickest part of the flour thickener very... No regrets a suitable substitute for the ice cream nectarines and some apricots use. No regrets handy, so your timing is perfect night, admiring the unbelievable abundance of fresh beautiful!