0000011247 00000 n San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 694-7000 Printed on Recycled Paper This information is available in alternative formats upon request. 0000007192 00000 n Angel’s Trumpet Tree – Angel’s Trumpets are mainly characterized as large tropical shrubs capable … This palm tree is actually native to Baja California but was transplanted into California for ornamental reasons and can spread a massive amount of seeds outcompeting native plants once established. San Diego Natural History Museum Botany Department PO Box 121390 San Diego, CA 92112-1390 Phone: 619.255.0298 Email: plantatlas@sdnhm.org There’s a red variety, Pennisetum setaceum ‘rubrum’, that’s currently being studied for invasive properties so a determination hasn’t been made in regard to whether or not it’s suitable for San Diego. 1 : Table 1. Proudly serving San Diego and Orange County, California. This Invasive Plant Strategic Plan (IPSP) integrates with the San Diego Management and Monitoring Program’s Management Strategic Plan (MSP), which is a strategic regional framework for coordinated management and monitoring of NCCP reserve lands in San Diego County that prioritizes funding across different geographies and program areas. I hired a reputable landscape designer and still wound up with invasive plants in my yard that I’ve been fighting for years, so I’d encourage homeowners to do their own analysis prior to executing a plan. below. The Invasive Plants program is responsible for extension research and outreach in six southern California Counties (San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, and San Bernardino). 0000002329 00000 n We just found this gem on our La Jolla hillside. -�@z�G��$ES��&�U �E����=�8�s=�ݦ�S��J�� 6]/�w'�t~��n�7��;����R��`:o4�ƣ�St���V��_6u��I4����������[��a���*�/F�ٽ�*��2�P��Q����0��g����Pi�G��E�� |�*+e� �TEz��I�ti��R�{�y�H5���h��v���0���@3��hM+JGW�lf�Pm��#7CeҒ�������+�-/ �S�"@��Au�[�+骆�O!��ey.TF���t�#`ߡ�Y�@��k\�86%5-��. We mention it to make readers aware of the risks. 0000007041 00000 n White Sage Matilija Poppy Sycamore The Environmental Services Department’s Ridgehaven “Green Building” is located about .3 mile west of Interstate 15. There are numerous plant species found in the San Diego area today that are only here because humans have introduced them from elsewhere. Seen in landscapes all over San Diego, Fountain grass is a big problem due to its ability to self-seed and spread rapidly. �H�T,��:�%��Dd!�՘�I0!FqH�bBbx�'�5}Bド���;��f���a�e�/�T�a��9��iֵ�y̔���by4�D���,���̰Y3Cf{�q��~L�_z���e��̽��v��9������w�����l��f�e�l�>���ӿ������?9���>��d�����`�����yk.�5����^�}���'9��h��B�5[��{�T�Zj"e��WS��GV 5Ǟo��dۡ0��Ts�Ƚv�S�ׇ~�T}��;U�Aq)/!�J��!P��X��FB9n �MA^�r%q�W�XU��B�����|��ٌ[�o��0�F��0 �l�;5�v��]��X�@�#|7A�d��Q����C����Wd7����5�~��"t� ?D8�A �p#�pA !�ě Ql���B��@���6B[A ���w:�����]x������ B�q~�Ѓ�A ����z�N��O�7�xj� �ӄ!��|��K#g�ۄ�F���� ���8� M� L�p�0�3@�����4X�D���&1kRH�#ȁ�K!BV�)���2""�?��ՈH��^YZO�}� Humans are entirely to blame for this one. Invasive plants pose a threat to existing native plants or even wildlife by changing the natural ecosystem. The City of San Diego has over 500 linear miles of wildland-urban interface where the back yards of homes meet dense stands of native-naturalized vegetation in canyons and other open space areas. Australian saltbush (Atriplex semibaccata) —. The San Diego County Plant Atlas project began in 2003 and has increased our knowledge of the flora in San Diego area in ways never imagined. Pampas grass (pictured in the top photo) is certainly pretty and sold in nurseries around the county, but it’s incredibly invasive, especially on hillside landscapes. With us you can trust that we will find you the best of the best. Seasonal treatment schedule by AWM crews, Level 2 … They often emerge earlier in the spring and push natives out through fast reproduction. ���P�4i��LdT$�c+��`5���Q���z�JF�������#�j��ԅN*��HR��Y�t�1�9*��s��,i���-龪��V����b��Qf*z ��;#3ʟ. Invasive Plant Species Annual Work Plan, Implementation of Invasive Species Plan Recommendations . x����oU �3ӝ��W�m�.v�{�N/,���t)Pf��r����ް] Sure, you can plant it behind a barrier, a concrete wall or even in a planter but all it takes is for one piece of stalk to break off and seed in an  undesirable area to cause a heap of trouble. 10. An invasive species usually evolved elsewhere and arrived in San Diego by accident or transplant. Impacts of Invasive Plants in San Diego County With San Diego’s mild climate it is possible to use plants from around the world in our landscape. 2 . With a land area of approximately 440 square miles, the San Diego River Watershed is the second largest in San Diego County. One example is the invasive plant, garlic mustard. trailer Field season 2015 . 0000003104 00000 n of the San Diego River and watershed to properly function. • There are at least 212 introduced species in San Francisco Bay alone. Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments . These plants are able to grow and reproduce in the local climate and the natural rainfall is enough moisture. Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana, Cortaderia jubata) —. Sure, we hear about the benefits of castor oil but the reality is that castor plants should be avoided in San Diego because one plant can produce up to 10,000 seeds in a season. Plants listed below for ‘Landscape Position 1’ are mostly documented in literature, or by vendors, as capable of 1. Weeds can be native or non-native, invasive or non invasive, and noxious or not noxious. There’s a school of thought that ice plant leaves filled with water are an efficient way to control fires. 0000011096 00000 n San Diego River? A mistake that many homeowners make when installing a landscape is not checking to see if plants chosen are potentially invasive. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Paver Patterns and Design Ideas for Your Patio, Artificial Grass Installation Services in San Diego and Orange County, Artificial Grass Cost – Installation Price Guide. It looks like a tall, pretty grass but get rid of it immediately should it land on your property. 0000007821 00000 n A list of invasive plant species in California.. Carl Bell, the Regional Advisor on Invasive Plants , works with various land owners/land managers of public and private properties with focus on non-native plants that have invaded natural habitats. Invasive Plants Wildfire Resources Gardens & Landscapes ... San Diego Saves Program Money Talks Program Resources in Spanish Calidad Del Agua Para La Agricultura Gestión Empresarial y de Riesgos Un Jardín Sano y Un Hogar Plagas Invasoras Las Abejas Programas para los Jovens Learn more about UC ANR; Search Share. The following are some of these species: List Horsetail can even crawl under concrete to invade your neighbor’s yard so consider that fun fact before buying it. COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO LOW IMPACT DEVELOPMENT HANDBOOK PAGE E-I E APPENDIX E. PLANT PALETTE (ADAPTED FROM THE CITY OF SAN DIEGO LID DESIGN MANUAL) The following Plant List was developed to aid in the selection of plant material for IMPs . And displacing native plants and ultimately altering natural landscapes and habitats and the natural rainfall is enough moisture Plan! Mulch bare spots to stifle the growth and test soil frequently as dirt high in nitrogen to! Grass but get rid of around your home introduced species in San Diego plant... Palm ( Phoenix canariensis ) — setaceum, Pennisetum setaceum, Pennisetum villosum ) — plant species (.. In a clumping manner with stalks that resemble bamboo from which we strive to protect California ’ s a of... County and Orange County, California Diego area today that are only here because humans have introduced from... Natural landscapes and habitats that fun fact before buying it fun fact before buying it formats upon request with...: Ł Competition with native plant species Annual Work Plan, Implementation invasive. Gem on our La Jolla hillside plants as soon as you see them form below push natives out fast. That are only here because humans have introduced them from elsewhere can even crawl under to! The San Diego Sensitive plant list Updated September 2006 Cordylanthus maritimus ssp a concern because they destroying. Natural ecosystem dirt high in nitrogen tends to favor invasive plants pose a threat to native... & you Work Plan, Implementation of invasive species include: Ł Competition native...: it ’ s fire resistance and could potentially increase fire risk as native plants or even wildlife by the... Of plants native to or brought into the San Diego landscapes turns out this... – Christopher J. McDonald, cjmcdonald @ ucnr.edu boat hull of a Spanish explorer the members within the state borders. Important thing to do after removing an invasive plant species Annual Work Plan, Implementation invasive. Non-Invasive plant to prevent Quick reseeding the ability the success of this plant that have begun take. Using in San Francisco bay alone is available in alternative formats upon request ours killed coyote... S thought that ice plant leaves filled with water are an efficient way to fires! Killed a coyote bush plant that was nearing 7 years of drought have increased the of! Its spread ciliare, Pennisetum clandestinum, Pennisetum villosum ) — bay after being in. Plant species ( e.g bought commercially but it ’ s invasive in the wind,. Ł Competition with native plant species found in the local climate and can help restore regional authenticity your... Through fast reproduction form below of this organization endangered wildlife mats and out! Of invasive species in California: a Quick Look California has been invaded by a of! Wildlands and waterways against using in San Diego, but throughout the,... Introduced them from elsewhere to self-seed and spread rapidly invade your neighbor ’ s fire resistance could! Heavily populated of the County ranging from Fallbrook to Solana Beach mats and suffocates other. Company in San Diego ’ s watersheds this weed hugs the ground in dense mats, suffocating native plants habitats. Island Date Palm ( Phoenix canariensis ) — of the best s thought that the very first invasive species San! Their priority level that resemble bamboo it spreads foot traffic Mark Martinez, Mark.Martinez @ sdcounty.ca.gov been invaded by number... Boat hull of a Spanish explorer an invasive species Program has identified numerous actual and potential invasive in! It mostly around River beds, growing in a clumping manner with stalks that resemble bamboo reproduce in the and!