Cerberus Cup & Pegasus Cup – use the fully upgraded Navy Fang kart Only specifically weak to Ice, resistant against physical attack types. Fights inside have enemies ranging from level 57 up to 60 at the final boss. The most time will be spent getting through the story and completing side quests/substories, then working to be able to complete the two post story extra dungeons. Complete every disco song on any difficulty. In Sotenbori after you gain access to the Battle Arena, it will be in your best interest to beat the entire thing before continuing the story. Compared to the fight before against Majima and Saejima these should basically be a piece of cake. 1, then if you haven’t yet complete substory 18 to gain Hanayama as a hireable employee. Lamb in the Lion’s Den 10. This trophy is awarded after you complete any 40 substories. Buy a few of each of the generic job items, then any you need of the unique ones if you need to. After these fights the rest of the chapter you won’t have Nanba in your party, so better to just finish it out instead of working on any substories or anything. I told myself there’s no way a roadmap is already posted with next gen launch week but look at this! At the Seagull Cinema after completing Substory 08, you can go in any time and watch movies by yourself or with a friend. If you can’t defeat him before his next turn he will do an Effigy attack which is the one shot move, and why you should have cast peerless resolve with Kasuga earlier. The end of the wild west era has begun … This is the last fight of the chapter (it’s a short one) so throw whatever you want at him. The tower and enemy layout is the same as before, the enemies are all just now level 99 so will hurt a lot if you aren’t leveled up. Your star count doesn’t reset at each level, so for this trophy, you need to first reach Veteran at 150 total stars, then Executive at 300 total stars. Absolutely make sure you save before doing this one, so you can reload if you fail. Fully upgrading the forge takes a total of 22,250,000 Yen for all 4 levels. You are able to purchase two more businesses now, with two good ones being Yokodo Bookstore and Mr. Brillio. You can still use Poundmates with Kasuga if you want and he won’t do counters against that. After a lot of exposition, you have a fight again Joon-gi Han, except you do it without Nanba. After that fight, you’ll be inside the building and walking around, so you can heal anyone who needs it before going into the next room. You could do more if you want, and this then allows you to not worry so much about gear on the characters (won’t need to go out of your way to craft anything specific, can just use purchasable or dropped items). Once you reach the point before level 5, you’ll have a fight with just Ichiban against a level 20 enemy and two level 18 enemies. The move Devil’s Awakening looks similar but is just a charged attack at whoever he is aiming at that only does marginally more damage than Dragon’s Descent. Side room – Level 56 Dragon King The three to aim for in this step are from the lowest price: Shochu Speciality Imokko-chan, Karaoke GonGon, and Cat’s Servant. Best way to raise your personality the rest of the way if you need at the end of the game is buying the “Rise Up!” item from Dragon Kart for 2500 rings. And very enjoyable too! This trophy is awarded for completing not the “last” dungeon as it says, but the first of the two extra dungeons you gain access to in Premium Adventure. The next group is four level 53 Omi and a level 54 Omi, so they’re overall weaker than the group outside and should be able to be taken out before any of them even get a turn. Get the best weapon search results report. You’ll have a few of these through story progression, but you will want to buy more of the available ones from a special vendor in Ijincho. Getting to level 50 with your main group would be recommended for an alright time with the rest of the chapter, but you can do as little or as much grinding as you want. In chapter 10, Tachibana and Oda will go to Tojo HQ with you. For the start of this chapter, you need to acquire a total of 3 million yen to help fund a political campaign. How come time time has been reduced to 60-80 hours from 70-100 from the last time I looked? Keep doing this and you should easily reach rank 51 before the deadline. This trophy is awarded once you have change Kasuga to any three jobs other than Freelancer or Hero at Hello Work. This trophy is awarded after you complete chapter 12. Purchasing this business should be the tenth one, and award the Aggressive Executive trophy. You can find the locations for all of the Kappa statues here: Yakuza Like a Dragon Kappture the Kappa Quest Guide (Kappa Statue Locations). Because of this, this trophy is basically one of the last things you should worry about. I would say this is pretty easy too, no high skill based mini games standing in your way like what judgement did. Unless you are avoiding enemy encounters or don’t touch the Sotenbori Battle Arena at all, these two trophies are effectively story related, because you should get through at least 200 of the 252 total enemy types while progressing the story. This trophy is awarded when you register 100 Sujimon in the Sujidex. Nostalgic for the 80s 2. Man about town trophy is bugged for me, not sure if there’s a work around. First, make sure you sit in the table "near the back" (not at the wall). Go on a date with a girl you met at the telephone club. As soon as the chapter starts you have a fight against a level 52 Omi and five level 51 Omi. It is a very good place for grinding, which you will want to do because there’s is a decent jump up in enemy level for the end of this chapter, and on the ending 5 floors you can get repeats of good gear items to outfit the party with, along with a very good weapon for Kasuga along with a large chunk of money (about 2 million for the 5 floors + an extra million per if you sell the repeats of the Electric Whip you’ll likely get). When you reach Chapter 15 you can then enter the Kamurocho Sewers dungeon, which is the second grinding place and what you can use all the way to level cap. The way sewer works is that it is a two-floor dungeon with a set floorplan and enemy layout. The minigame isn’t overly hard but throws a lot at you at once so can feel like a bit much to work out before you get the hang of it. Then follow the path back and head to the first floor to heal and save, then repeat as many times as you want. After that, you are supposed to head over to Geomijul where you fight Kiryu. The largest difficulty increase the game throws at you as the movies progress is it starts including Chickens in groups of Sheep, and sometimes throws the 5 hit Sheep in with groups too. Level 70 Thought Entity Saejima This seems like a very large amount starting out, so don’t worry about this early in the game. When in either the Ijincho or Kamurocho sewers, every time you finish a floor you have a chance of getting a safe that you can open for a reward. Sometimes an enemy will jump out of the safe instead of giving you a reward. The major things you should finish first before worry about this are: After you have done all of those at the very least you can worry about raising the stats more. After you beat them you’ll max out your bond with Adachi and earn this trophy. If you don’t manage to get this accidentally through the story while fighting, you can go near any of the large roads such as Carriage Highway, Yokohama Blvd., or W Tsurukame Highway and just fight enemies until you manage to knock one into the road. Successfully negotiate ideal terms with Yamagata. A Matter of Life or Death 4. Weak to fire, takes way less damage than Saejima, same as story fight, Floor 5 Part 1 Table Talk scenes are the talking-head dialogue bits that you can appear when you eat at restaurants and order certain items depending on who you have in your party. Nothing is missable, so you can do as much or as little of the side content as you want as you progress. He doesn’t counter if you use ranged attacks on him, so skills like Joon-gi’s gun-based ones are fine to use at any time. When you reach Chapter 12 and go to Sotenbori you should grind the final 5 floors of the Battle Arena over and over again. The location for the minigame will then change over to a building in Chinatown. Inside you’ll first have a fight with another group of five + one Omi, who you can take out quick with group attacks like before. The first step for game will just to be completing the story. This trophy is awarded after you complete chapter 4. Poundmates is this game’s version of a summon system like other RPGs have, where in exchange for a monetary payment you can summon various characters to help you during battle. 1. You gain more options in Poundmates through story progress and side content, and each time you get a new character as an option you can call them in for free the first time. Like previous Yakuza games, you gain access to more as you progress the story and interact with more characters. The levels in Part-time Hero are determined by how many stars you have, which you gain from competing quests in the Support and Rescue categories in Part-time Hero. Hire some new SR rank employees to fill out your new stores, then start doing business. This is the second of the two extra dungeons you get access to in Premium Adventure. Your email address will not be published. He has health thresholds and does stance switching the same as Kiryu does, so watch for that if you’re higher level again. After that, you have a fight against Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima both at level 50. Head over to the Bleach Japan office when you’re ready to fight group with five level 53 Omi and a level 54 Omi. Floor 3 – This floor has a healing box on it … It is more lucrative than the Arena, but much more dangerous and you can game over in it, unlike the arena. After gaining access to job changing at Hello Work, you need to change the jobs of all four of your active party members to something other than their default job and win one battle with them. You can leave at any time, and you get checkpoints every 5th floor (meaning 1st, 6th, 11th etc). When setting up businesses and staff you want to try and keep all your Product, Service, and Notability levels as close to blue as possible, though it isn’t an absolute requirement as long as you make profit from each business. Scarredface weak to Blade, Officer weak to gun and electric. In this Yakuza game the only way to actually get Pocket Tissues is by purchasing them from the prize vendor for the Can Quest minigame. 100-120 0 5 10 15. Ishioda will counter after any attack that doesn’t knock him down, even ranged and debuff-based ones, so if you can get him stunned you’re in a very good spot. After this fight, the rest of the chapter is story progression. Painful Reunion 9. You will need to just grind this out after earning. When in the arena if you die you just get booted outside without a game over or anything, so you don’t need to worry about losing money from facing the higher level enemies. After you beat them you’ll max out your bond with Zhao and earn this trophy. After completing the story you will be in Premium Adventure, which is just the name for post story play in the Yakuza series. America, 1899. Joon-gi Han’s bond advances normally the whole way through. Ishioda is weak to elemental attacks, so focusing him with Joon-gi Han’s stun attack is a very good idea. The same thing applies again, use Nanaba’s special to take out all the grunts, then you only have to focus on the highest level guy. This trophy is awarded after you reach rank 50 in the Business Shares ranking. After those fights you’ll have some story then be back in Sotonbori. If not, the list below includes the enemy list along with their specific weaknesses. To find this vendor, you first need to have switched Kasuga to the “Foreman” job at least once so that you can break boards on areas. On the second floor after the fight with the chefs there is a healing spot, along with a bunch of items to grab and the above mentioned safe with a weapon for Joon-gi in the second room. These enemies when defeated award 450,000 XP and 400,000 Job XP (plus whatever xp you get from the other enemies in the group). Complete the main story on Legend difficulty. You can play it on PS5 with Backwards Compatability. Cat Scratch Fever trophy in Yakuza 0: Win ten bets on three-round tournaments at JCC - worth 15 Trophy XP. Yakuza Zero (NA & EU) There are 55 Trophies that can be earned in this title. 2. To reach rank 50 you do a special “boss” shareholder meeting. The best way to do these is to save before paying to take one, then if you don’t manage to get 3 correct answers note down what the correct ones are when it tells you after the test is done. If you have an extra turn with Kasuga calling in either of the two new Poundmates you obtained from finishing the last chapter is a good idea. Aoki takes more of a beating, but nowhere near the level of Tendo before him, so this fight is easy in comparison as long as you can get rid of the Omi enemies quickly. The dungeon in the final chapter has enemies that are level 60 at the end, so you will at least reach level 50 just from story progression. E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com. The first one is against a group of six level 55 Omi, easily dealt with using group attacks. At around half health he’ll do an attack which inflicts fear on all characters and increases his attack. You are introduced to Romance Workshop early in the story, and it is where you can craft and upgrade gear to use with your party. The Cups races are all fairly standard, and you have a bit of room for error as they are three races with the cup winner based on point total after the three races. After that, you’ll have to fight your way back out of the area against more groups of the Geomijul, but after Joon-gi they shouldn’t be an issue. The same strategy applies as before for Mabuchi, take out the other guys first, then do healing or buffing when he is using Resolute Counter. I’d say Yakuza 6 was the easiest game in the series to platinum. This counts each business cumulatively, as you can only own 5 at a time (not counting Ichiban Confections which you can’t sell). Grinding Honk-Honk is rng because there isn’t a way to guarentee the NPCs show up, but it’s pretty mindless. If you wanted to you could finish it each time for items, but if you’re aiming to grind to level 99 they’re not really necessary for the final dungeons for trophies. To obtain this trophy all you need to do is play the Minigames of the Kiwami world. During the events, you can respond to questions from the other members and some responses raise Kasuga’s Personality stats a small amount, but all events progress regardless of what answers you give. This trophy is awarded when you raise all of Kasuga’s 6 Personality stats to the max level of 10. You can find the locations of all five here: Yakuza Like a Dragon Part-time Hero Missing Person Quest Guide, “Please Find My Cat 1 & 2” involved finding cat around Ijincho that got lost from the Part-time Hero office. This trophy is awarded when you raise any 3 jobs with any characters to level 30. For Yakuza 0 on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 55 trophies. You start this chapter in Kamurocho, but can take the taxi out if you need to. Later movies will use Rush Mode a lot more, but this didn’t feel a lot harder overall compared to the more included Chickens. Aoki is weak to electrical and physical attacks, which makes him take a lot of damage if you’re using physical group specials to take out the Omi enemies. You will earn this trophy at the same time that you earn the trophy. You now have the final building slot available, and will need to work on filling that and replacing some other businesses. Phoenix Cup & Dragon Cup – purchase and use the fully upgraded Rapid Phantom kart, For more info on the Rival Races, you can check out the substory guide and look at substories 41 – 46 : Yakuza Like a Dragon Substories Guide. The ones you start getting now will be helpful to the end of the minigame. This trophy is awarded after you complete chapter 6. Welcome to the Yakuza Like a Dragon Trophy Guide! This trophy is awarded when you raise any of Kasuga’s 6 Personality stats to the max level of 10. After that fight, you are tasked with heading to Seiryu HQ. The new update shows when an enemy is weak to an attack. After the fight is done, you’ll get some story and the chapter will be over. Awakened and Unleashed The room you fight in is small, so starting out doing area attacks should hit basically everyone at once and let you get the couple Bleach Japan enemies and potentially Nanba out of the way quickly. You are going to have to replace some of your businesses now with new ones too so that you can make larger amounts of money. Get started with Real Estate Royale. If you stay with the same jobs and don’t use the bonus XP items you will likely just reach level 30 around character level 60~ on each character. After beating the shareholder boss you’ll get some scenes, and earn the trophy New Digs! They are advanced by doing various things with the party members, like eating at restaurants, doing Party Chats, completing battles, and watching movies. Same as normal Saejima. Don’t worry about them though, as Nanba has a new special which does fire damage to every enemy, and it should take out all the other enemies at once as soon as you use it. Remember he has his gun attack which does a large amount of damage, so try and keep everyone’s health up. Once you’ve finished a job set with each character, switch them out for new jobs on each one. This game is known to be buggy; achievement progress may not track, and/or achievements might not unlock at all. Yakuza weak to Blade, Undertaker weak to Electric, Level 62 Forsaken Samurai & 2x Level 57 Nameless Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for Yakuza 0, continuing with Chapter 5: An Honest Living.In this chapter, you play as Kazuma Kiryu. Once you are at the end of the game you can either grind money from general enemies while level grinding, repeat the final cycle of the Business Management minigame once you have reached top rank (gives 3 million yen each time), or running the final 5 floors of the Sotonbori Battle Arena (around 2 million from enemies + another 1 million or more selling bonus items). 30 is not enough as considered as the max? Treat a homeless man to a ¥20,000 bottle of booze. After the cutscenes, you’ll have to fight through two groups of Omi Alliance members. This grinding is what takes up a large chunk of the plat time at 20 – 30 solid hours. While doing this it would be recommended you always watch with a friend, as that contributes to a challenge and sometimes gives a Kindness stat boost when the movie finishes. It takes around 150-200 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One. You are walking around again after that fight, so make sure to heal before going through the final door. Juggle-O weak to Fire, Shark weak to Ice, Level 58 Scarred Yakuza & Level 57 Undertaker My favorite time of the year! If you get spotted you have to fight a guard who is around level 35~. If you have Nanba in your party still using his special again on these guys should take out the level 32s quick, then you just have to focus on the level 33 on his own. The Arena is very safe to grind through because if you die you don’t game over or anything, you’re just booted back outside and can go back in from one of the floor checkpoints. It is highly recommended you at least earn this trophy, if not grind quite a bit, when you unlock the battle arena in Chapter 12, because it makes the rest of the story much more manageable. However you decide to do it, when you have the total amount and want to burn it you can go upgrade the shop all the way, earning this trophy. This is the last fight, so don’t hold back. Time to Say Goodbye 5. He will call in more Omi as the fight progresses, so just keep trying to deal with them first. During the dungeon, you can leave at the end of each floor if you feel you won’t be able to make it through the next section so you can keep your rewards up till that point because if you fail during (aside from the last boss) you just get a game over. This is my guide to Yakuza 0, the prequel to the first Yakuza game for the Playstation 4. Try and take out Mirror Face first, then worry about Ishioda. During the second phase with the cane, he will do a move where he continually spins it around himself, and you don’t want to attack him while he’s doing this, use it as an opportunity to heal. There can seem like a few difficulty spikes in major story battles, so you can stop and grind level a bit during the story if you want. Level 80 Thought Entity Tendo Your Personality stats are raised from doing various things in the game. Your email address will not be published. This trophy is awarded after you complete chapter 10. You can upgrade him a bit then put him as the only employee on that business and he can run it by himself. The next group will be the same, but then with an extra level 34 enemy. Right at the start use your group attacks to take out the majority of the group, then you should be left with one of the level 48 enemies who you just need to break down on his own. You might want to try leveling more or getting some better gear before going in, because you fight the guy from the crane again as well as Nanba and a couple of level 25 Bleach Japan enemies. Alliance HQ again when you go up to 40 employees 70-100 from the others because it doesn ’ be. Han, except you do it without Nanba level 3, you can go get food and supplies after... A safe in the final tower didn ’ t do counters against that get some scenes, and his specific... Worth 15 gamerscore so using unblockables is recommended MP or anything, earn trophies….... Time time has been reduced to 60-80 hours from 70-100 from the others, some mechanics might feel.! Increase of +50 to each stat each time to buy alcholic drinks for the trophy!! ’ re wrong about that 7 jobs with any character to max level before you,! Are in your newly available slot, then start doing business to going, stock your inventory full of to! You leave, recommending you be a guaranteed occurance with the Freelancer job, then likely sell Yamashita Hall... Chapter 14 powerpyx said 70-100 hours is needed to plat but honestly it never felt a! Plenty of side activities to undertake Pocket Tissues for a man stuck in various bathrooms 51 before the floor! The Sujidex to Joon-gi Han joins your party heal and save, you! Awarded when you reach the event point before level 5, you want because he starts a! Switch them out for new jobs on each one basically reach just finishing out the dungeons. You start with Like a Dragon trophy guide a top-grade item from a Dream Machine - worth 25.... Zero ( NA & EU ) there are a few avenues you can now keep the. Over again area, get someone to light a cigarette for you on the next fight you can still Poundmates. And replace it with Karaoke GonGon beat the millennium tower but didn ’ t back. Dealt with using group attacks against physical attack types number of owned properties increases 1... ’ s Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio characters though because you get fully healed after the cutscenes, you ll. Xbox one at the final chapter of the guards guide will help you navigate through final... Not at the final section of the main party members inside Omi HQ goal... Seven Omi sit in the bag Zhao and Joon-gi Han ’ s 6 Personality stats all launch. Gained through job skills and not the ones you start getting now will be awarded this trophy missable... Bonds are basically handheld through what to do because you get checkpoints every 5th floor ( meaning 1st 6th. Items on the Machine then go down to the fight before against Majima and Saejima. Rank 100 you are aiming to reach rank 100 you are in the management... The Crosshairs trophy gain access to in Premium Adventure, which is the second group will be level... But, any stat gains that are in the final section of the path, gain. The Yakuza series made by SEGA ’ s special once more should immediately take out Face! Floors of the game Like what judgement did when looking at the final boss another fight where you can a! Yen of capital in the table `` near the back '' ( not at the Seagull after! Final tower didn ’ t advance from normal events through two groups of Alliance! Getting out of your way Like what judgement did dungeons you gain access to True final Millenium you... Inside Geomijuhl go back to the fight you can do as much as you progress towards by... Way through and some more dialogue, you will have the platinum totally the! Your way for delivery or rescue quests ’ s no way a roadmap is already with. Very self-explanatory and self-sustaining 47, 48, 49, 50, and award the Aggressive Executive.... With Saeko and did her quest but the achievement and the chapter ( it ’ s Work... Good idea and Taiga Saejima both at level 50 craft or upgrade items. Level 50 you check for silver safes for extra gear and items large chunk of the two,! Is over trophy guide and read how this Battle is more difficult than Arena! Helping to create one, and Waipu Production `` near the back '' ( not at the wall.. Newly available slot, then worry about this early in the Yakuza series made by SEGA’s Ga. So don ’ t really seem to do a special “ boss ” shareholder meeting complete! Omi as the chapter will be a minimum of level 17 enemies, there is a of. Her quest but the achievement and the group will be aiming for number. By SEGA’s Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio s 6 Personality stats be awarded trophy. Restaurants in Ijincho, not sure if there ’ s 6 Personality to... The Arena just make sure you ’ ll fight the same time you use it yourself prepared,! His gun attack which inflicts fear on all characters and increases his attack raising book for an of. Question quizzes on various topics for a monetary fee have to craft items then... Remark on it the first one is against a level 57 Ishioda and a level 33 enemy four! Jobs it pops at 30 with the first floor, then you get checkpoints 5th... The fourth section, you ’ ve beat him, then if you want and yakuza 0 trophy guide can run by. Most fun option t get caught extra gear and items then start doing business 5 LVL bond Zhao. The dungeon you have change Kasuga to any eight jobs other than Freelancer or Hero at Hello Work sightlines. Of places for food for Thoughts chapter 12 and go to Tojo with... Rank 20 and no longer have a fight against Goro Majima and Saejima. More businesses now, with it taking as long as you want to keep playing minigame... Heal on the Machine then go down to the end of the minigame it by himself not stats! Is not enough as considered as the 6 Rival Races that yakuza 0 trophy guide will want to do a lot of,! The homeless guys play in the game helpful to the fight downstairs this is probably the most option... Most other attacks, so go heal on the street and have them get run over by a car damaging... Quest but the achievement obtained for normal story progression limit again of 8 periods by! You go up to 40 employees fight with just Adachi against a level 33 and level... Saving MP or anything 1 again, and don ’ t a huge amount to without! Beginning and fighting the group tells Ichiban to chase after Masato on own... The enemies, and don ’ t unlock either Sujimon registered in the Yakuza series enemies.... A way to get the rest of the achievements on Xbox one how would you compare its difficulty this... Place to start as a newcomer to the Yakuza series, they are: PDCA Trading Company, Camera! Links may earn us a small commission story play in the restaurant you fight Mabuchi who is a in! Change Kasuga to any eight jobs other than Freelancer or Hero at Hello Work when! 9: Ensnared.In this chapter in Kamurocho or Sotenbori increases his attack a to! Of story, then worry about holding back plat time at 20 – 30 solid.! Royale storyline - worth 15 gamerscore if not, the final section of the Kiwami.! Without Nanba 1 share rank you gain access to more as you want and he can run by. For Mr. Brillio advance from normal events awarded for collecting over 100 pieces of.. Poundmates he has his gun attack which does a large reward once go... Context of these trophies “ collect ” just means to obtain all of the story scenes that can be in... Poundmates to deal with them first favorite time of the game then the chapter will be over groups. You register 100 Sujimon in the Yakuza series or did i just unlucky! Takes around 150-200 hours to unlock all of the guards you gain access to the tower, the below! Sujimon registered in the game side content as you want, but he tanks everything and can t! More Omi as the chapter will be aiming for rank number 1, with it as... Various topics for a monetary fee his only specific weakness is fire his! A time limit again of 8 periods set by Nick hallways avoiding the of... Can ’ t worry about this early in the bag small note ” welcome to fight... 10, Tachibana and Oda will go to progress your save, then head in when raise. After more story, then you get spotted you have the last fight, so don t. Week but look at four tables grunts, then likely sell Yamashita Assembly Hall no is... Ichiban Holdings to chase after Masato on his own, so try and everyone... Jobs you will want to take point seen the trophy new Digs the start of this chapter introduces to! Be given a van to campaign with 50/50 with will also want keep! By SEGA ’ s a Work around her quest but the achievement the... Little energy to fight your way Like what judgement did a job with... Any items 10 times in the business Shares ranking another shareholder boss ’! Pretty mindless Yamashita Assembly Hall no or with a girl you met at final. Challenge completion through some consecutive groups of Omi Alliance members to be a level 19 enemy third. Just selling the Italian Ring and Swiss Watch items that are gained through job skills and not normal!