The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 31,000', a normal cruise speed of 316 KTS/364 MPH, and a 1,074 NM/1,238 SM seats-full range. In general, when comparing aircraft, many factors come into play – operators need to evaluate based upon their specific missions. A clean-sheet designed wing and the addition of Garmin’s G3000 avionics suite were key foundational enhancements that paved the way for product growth. The SOCATA TBM 850 has a 3,022' balanced field length and 2,864' landing distance. Wherever it flies, Daher’s TBM 940 gets there faster, with speeds of 330 kts. The M600 also has a new wing marketing claims it s a clean-sheet design that carries 90 gallons more fuel than the Meridian, allowing the M600 50 percent more range, a 958-pound higher gross weight and 100 more pounds in the cabin with full fuel. AIN’s Matt Thurber flies Piper’s new M600 single-engine turboprop, which is an evolution of the M500, offering significantly-improved performance. When Piper introduced the M600, we exceeded industry expectations for performance and operational ease in a single-engine pressurized turboprop. The Piper M600 is the first aircraft fitted with the Autoland system to receive approval. All three aircraft are equipped with Garmin’s G3000 flightdeck. The system, which Daher calls HomeSafe, that can guide the aircraft to a landing in the event of pilot incapacitation. Inside the TBM 940’s cabin, Daher has incorporated ergonomic and style upgrades that include redesigned seats, additional thermal insulation for the cabin sidewalls, a new central shelf with side storage, an additional 115V electrical outlet at the right rear seat panel, and USB ports (bringing the overall total of USB ports to six for passengers and three for the pilots). Compare TBM 700’s, TBM 850’s, TBM 900’s, TBM 910's, TBM 930's, Piper M-500, Piper M-600, King Air’s, PC-12's, and the Citation Mustang. In 1990 the TBM 700 was the first pressurized single-engine turboprop certified. I think Piper is trying to better compete with the TBM with the new M600. The TBM 940 sets new standards with the integration of an automated throttle and automatic deicing system, along with enhancements to style and ergonomic elements inside the cabin. All three aircraft are fitted with … Piper M600 VS M600 seems like the right plane for me. The original model (TBM 700A) was followed by the B model, featuring a large access door to allow easy passenger and baggage loading, as well as newly designed seats to improve comfort. In 2015, Piper introduced the M600, as an upgrade to the M500. Daher’s TBM 940 is the first aircraft to be approved in Europe to fly with Garmin’s emergency Autoland system. The M600 has 600 hp (447 kW) and a price tag of $2.82 million. The SOCATA TBM 850, manufactured from 2006-2014, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 5 passengers. The PIPER M600 has a 2,650' balanced field length and 2,650' landing distance. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 31,000', a normal cruise speed of 318 KTS/366 MPH, and a 1,274 NM/1,468 SM seats-full range. It has a total baggage capacity of 20.00 ft^3; 20.00 ft^3 being internal and 00.00 ft^3 being external. Signing the check - The M500 barely squeaks in at under $2 million with a 2016 base price of $1,998,900; the M600 starts at $2,853,000. I have not flown the new Piper m600 so I can not compare that aircraft. I just love to fly and I love flying all of them. The M600 will most often be compared to the Daher TBM series of aircraft. The M600 SLS, introduced last October, costs just under $3 million with autoland as part of the Garmin G3000 avionics suite.The evergreen Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A up front takes the M600 … 30 Oct 2019, 13:07. I think all the aircraft are great don't get me wrong, but if your mission is 6 or less I would go TBM. Maximum payload is 1,400 pounds, and minimum field length for takeoff is 2,380 feet. Select An Aircraft N Daher TBM 910/930 With highly regarded, fast and sophisticated turboprop singles from Piper, with its M600, and Epic, with its E1000, both with smaller price tags, that is no longer the case. For the second year, AOPA Pilot is making Conklin and de Decker’s aircraft operating cost comparison available to those shopping for business jets; new this year are the costs of turboprops. There is the Piper Meridian, but it's slower and you can't go far with 6 pax or carry many pax with full fuel. Specifically, the approval was for the Halo safety system in Piper’s M600/SLS turboprop single. All data and figures are sourced directly from Piper Aircraft's website and print collateral. The TBM 940 has a maximum range of 1,730 nm and a top cruise speed of 330 knots. It’s based on Garmin’s Autoland system and available as a part of the G3000 integrated flight deck. Primarily because time is money. The SOCATA TBM 900, manufactured from 2014-2016, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 5 passengers. New Piper M600 SLS with autoland announced. The mission is the key to the aircraft ! Seeing as there are no other single-engine jets in production for direct performance comparison, comparable aircraft (currently in production) based upon weight or speed are the Piper M600 and the TBM 930 turboprops. Autoland is already approved in the US by the FAA in the TBM 940, plus Piper’s M600 and the Cirrus SF50 Vision jet. Mid 2020 I will say we will see it in the TBM 940. ! The cabin measures 03'11" high, 04'01" wide, and 12'03" long. The aircraft is more capable than the M500, as the M600 … And shortly after that, Cirrus Aircraft announced its implementation, called Safe Return, in its SF50 Vision Jet. The TBM 940 becomes the third GA aircraft to install an autoland system based on the Garmin capability, joining the Piper M600 SLS and the Cirrus SF50 Vision jet. TBM 700. French manufacturer Daher is to equip its 2020 TBM 940 aircraft with Garmin’s new emergency Autoland system. That’s changing. The TBM is faster, but burns much more fuel and costs in excess of US$1 million more. History Released in 1990 Released in 1990. ), but has a price tag of $3m. Daher’s TBM 940 offers the ultimate developments in avionics and comfort for a general aviation airplane. Daher’s acquisition of Kodiak means it covers the spread from utility to elegance with the Kodiak 100 and the TBM 940. Many Meridian owners have moved into a TBM to obtain better payload and range. The M600 uses the fuselage with beef ups and a higher-power version of the engine from the M500. There are not many choices in 6 seat, single engine turbo props. The new M600 is equipped with the Garmin G3000, a new wing and more fuel capacity. Last year, Piper announced its M600 turboprop single would feature Garmin’s autoland, which it implements as Halo, a suite of safety features. Cost per hour is less on the TBM as well. The new TBM 940 is the latest version of the world’s fastest certified single-engine turboprop. Now, Piper’s strategy seems to be to offer them an upgrade without having to change brands. It is also fitted to the Cirrus Vision Jet and Daher TBM 940. HomeSafe certified for TBM 940 HomeSafe certified for TBM 940 July 28, 2020 By Alyssa J. Cobb A system that allows an aircraft to land itself if the pilot becomes incapacitated has been certified for installation in the Daher TBM 940. Tony Caldwell wrote:If this works it's a massive game changer. Can fit 4 comfortably in the main cabin, has a very high useful load, great Avionics (G3000s), is a turboprop making it safer then a twin engine piston (right? The SOCATA TBM 900 has a 3,000' balanced field length and 3,500' landing distance. There's the Pilatus PC-12, but it's a much larger, slower, and more expensive than the TBM 900. Pricing Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned PIPER M600 is $2,221,333.33. Which is not to say that the TBM isn’t still the market leader; it clearly is. Speed, endurance, interior, and an avionics suite are showing the commitment of Socata to compete in the single-engine turbine market. Turbine reliability, comfort, speed and Cirrus besting safety technology. Daher expects to earn certification for its HomeSafe-equipped TBM 940 by this summer. TBM 910 M600 SLS TBM 940 C90GTx PC-12 NG Retail List Price (Standard-Equipped) $3,000,000 $4,000,000 $5,000,000 $6,000,000 (USD) Cost Per Hour (Direct) TBM 940 M600 SLS PC-12 NG C90GTx Direct Operating Costs (Standard-Equipped) $300 $600 $900 $1,200 Aerial View C … That’s an Autoland-equipped G3000 suite in the 2020 Piper M600 SLS turboprop single. The operating costs of business jets and turboprops are detailed by category, variable cost per hour, seats, maximum takeoff weight, range, maximum cruise speed, and engine information. The Socata TBM 940 has continued with each model upgrade to bring significant changes to make the aircraft one of the best in its class.