The second word is the species. Lavender (nickname Lav) Primrose is a Girl name, meaning First rose in Jamaican origin. Jon and Sharon Tanner and are the owners of the Primrose School of Edmond. Rose or Rosie would be a better nickname for Primrose, or just name her Pixie. - Deffenatly Rosie, it's so sweet! The name Primrose means The Primrose Flower and is of English origin.Primrose is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.. Also an English surname. Primrose is the 18,160 th most popular name of all time. This plant belongs to Primula genus and Primulaceae family. The common primrose, which is also called English primrose, is native to several regions of Europe. The scientific name of Evening Primrose is the botanical name or formal name. While she was born a year before the first Hunger Games book, most people assume she was named after the main character's sister, which annoys her to no end. It means that this name is rarely used. We estimate that there are at least 14700 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.001% of the population. The scientific name consists of two words and is printed in italics. Find the complete details of Primrose name on BabyNamesCube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, numerology, origins, similar names and more! I really need help with this. Evening primrose is a plant that's native to Europe and North America. It's a shame that it has grown to be so closely associated with the trilogy, since I think it a lovely name, that fits a quaint British girl perfectly. Primrose High School, an 11-19 comprehensive school in Leeds, UK; Operation Primrose, the code name later given to the capture of German submarine U-110; Primrose, a video game for the Nintendo DSi; HMS Primrose, several Royal Navy ships; MV Primrose, A freight and passenger ferry. The name … The first word in the name is the genus and is capitalized. I’m not certain of the film’s plot. Horticultural Group Primula Primrose - placeholder for friendly description Details P. vulgaris is a perennial forming a rosette of tongue-shaped leaves, with many scented, usually primrose-yellow flowers 2.5-3.5cm across, in early spring The least number of children given the name Primrose was less than 5, most recently in 2011. One of the characters is penning a romantic tale of a fictional Primrose. Primulaceae – Primrose family Genus: Primula L. – primrose ... Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Another word for primrose. Relevance. 0 0. blank. It’s also hailed as a tool for minimizing hair… READ MORE Franchise Owner. I don't like it myself I think its the prim that gets to me but you can choose what ever you like. A 1918 Vitagraph film called Wild Primrose starred Gladys Leslie as Primrose Standish. Evening primrose is a biennial plant where the stem is erect, stout, and softly-hairy. Our Franchise Owners, Leadership Teams and School Staff partner with parents to help build the right foundation for future learning and in life. Primrose plants are available in a wide variety of colors and the flowers give off a delightful scent as the primrose blossoms throughout the entire growing season. The evening primrose is a large, delicate wildflower native to North America with blooms usually lasting only 1 evening, but it is not a true primrose. Origin of Primrose Anglo Saxon Names English Names Latin Names Nature Names Similar Names, Nicknames, & Spelling Variations of Primrose Primula Popularity of Primrose Primrose currently has 259 likes, and is in the top 3% of liked girl's names. In modern herbal medicine the infusion of the root is generally taken in tablespoonful doses as a good remedy against nervous headaches. 4) What nickname/s would you use for it? The common name Primrose comes from the Latin Prima rosa, meaning first rose. Primrose is one of many flower names stemming from the English vocabulary. Consider the bright and flashy primrose flower if you have a sunny garden patch in need of vibrant color. How Popular is the name Primrose? It reached its highest popularity ranking of #2,362 for the first time this year with 77 occurrences. As a last name Primrose was the 21,707 th most popular name in 2010. Primrose Michaelis and Alec Phantomhide but I really want to make it into a novel but I need a new last name for both of them please help? What is a good last name for Primrose and Alec? In 2018 the rare name Primrose, ranked the 2,362nd Most Popular Girls Name in the United States. The name development has included Primeroose (1653 Stockholm) Prymrose (1569 Culross). Answer Save. The name is certainly apt, as primrose is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. Scientific name is the name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN). DH (dear husband) has finally agreed to this, found out yesterday we are having a girl, my mums reaction was oh no we are having a Primrose lol. Primrose doesn't get bullied. The plant name means ‘First Rose’ because it is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. The fruit is a dry pod approximately 5 cm long that contains many small seeds.1, 2, 3. The word ‘primrose’ is derived from the Latin word primus, which means early or first. Synonyms for primrose include cowslip, oxlip, primerole, primula, sensuous, pleasurable, esthetic, aesthetic, gratifying and rich. Native Introduced Native and Introduced. In 1943 the business became Primrose Funeral Home and relocated to North Porter Avenue in 1947. The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. Uncommon, Primrose would be a striking name choice. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. The Leader in Early Education and Care ®. then I don't think calling someone Primrose is a problem. 'Primrose Tea,' says Gerard, 'drunk in the month of May is famous for curing the phrensie.' The infusion may be made of 5 to 10 parts of the petals to 100 of water. Primrose is not an out there name at all but is just following on from the revival of older womens names. Meaning of Primrose Primrose, flower name, the first rose. 5 Answers. Evening primrose oil is known for its hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Its not like you have made it up. How many people with the first name Primrose have been born in the United States? I Have these two names for a fanfiction I write. In 1931, Odies Primrose and George Jansing established Jansing-Primrose Funeral Home in Norman, Oklahoma. The name Primrose is ranked on the 15,475th position of the most used names. Find more ways to say primrose, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I cant believe how often Primrose comes up on this board. Anyways, the name "Primrose" is getting a lot of connections to the Hunger Games for my liking so here are alternative names: Genevieve (nickname Via) Anastasia (nickname Stasia) Delilah (nickname Lilah) Melrose (nickname Mel) Iris Ruby. Despite the etymology* for Primrose, I can't help but see "prim + rose" and therefore get a very Victorian, buttoned-down, judgmentally-virginal feel from the name that I personally wouldn't want to carry around. For example, Primula vulgaris is the scientific name for the English primrose and Primula veris is the scientific name for the cowslip. This type of flower is not truly a rose, although its popularity may be linked to the popularity of the name Rose. 3 years ago. So if she didn't get bullied (And now loves her name!) It has a long history of medicinal uses. Primrose is a yellow-flowered annual or biennial and can grow from 1 to 3 m in height. The name was never common but in 1700 Archibald Primrose of Carrinton was created Viscount Primrose, and later Earl of Rosebery. Just need a first name :) With that said, Primrose fails the "would I want it for my name" test rather spectacularly for me, especially with twin sister Elora. We have been residents of Oklahoma City for over 45 years. The plant has a fairly short blooming period, the individual flowers are only around for a day or so, they first open in the evening (hence the name) and are said to glow in the dark, unfortunately they wither and die the following day. They are one of the first of the rose-like flowers to appear, but the name seems incongruous since Primroses do not belong to the rose family, Rosaceae. Primrose Everdeen, character in the novel "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. The second generation of Primrose family ownership began with Ben Primrose in 1973 and continued until his retirement in 1994. The name Primrose has eight characters. Another chance for the name to catch on was a Gershwin musical – Primrose, debuted in London in 1924. My grandmother is called Primrose & i decided a long time ago i wanted my daughter to have this as a middle name. Lv 7. Primrose is my little sister's name. Chemistry The common name of this plant in Spanish is onagra. Neither do her sisters, and as I say, one of them is about 22 years old, and she's called Daffodile! Primrose Schools ® is a national system of accredited private preschools that provides a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. Both names are fine but I don't see how Pixie could be a nickname for Primrose, especially when they're both two syllables.