Combine the mango puree, sour cream, orange juice, orange oil and vanilla extract and whisk to combine. I will definitely be making this again soon. (Never use fridge-cold ingredients, ever! Fresh mango on top is a must. loves your show! Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sift the baking … Then loosen the edges with knife and flip the cake on cooling rack. Add eggs and beat well. A good quality unbleached all-purpose flour is really good enough for most home baking. But I don't recommend to reduce the sugar as store bought pulp is as tart as it is sweet. I’m very glad the recipe is still available online. A mango has one long, flat seed in the center of the fruit that goes from stem to nose. There's no need to cover it. (affiliate links) Maybe my frozen mango that thawed didn’t have enough flavor. The decoration was perfect with sugar dusting. © 2010-2020 Mexican Table LLC. Hi, if I replace butter with oil, do I use 3/4 cup of oil too? I would wrap in plastic wrap or place cooled down cake in sealable bag. Add to the creamed mixture alternating with eggs, beating in each egg 1 at a time. Do you think I could use coconut extract instead of almond extract? Pro tip: Do not under-bake this loaf—the mango adds extra moisture to the batter, and no one wants soggy pound cake. Regards. I plan to make this cake in the next day or so with a lovely ripe mango. Also, peel mangoes, and using food processor puree the pulp to yield about 3/4 cup puree. Grease bundt cake. MIX 2 cups flour and baking powder; set aside. Mix until completely combined. Do not use a spatula or whisk, just swirl the pot when needed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This moist, mango pound cake needs nothing more than a dusting of confectioner's sugar to set off it's classic looks. Just watched your show can not wait to make the mango cake I love your show watch all the time . Mix on medium for good 4 minutes or until mixture has good volume, and is creamy. Thanks for this great recipe. In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar together. Egg-less Mango Cake with Chocolate Glaze. I look forward to trying it. Incorporate mango into the cake batter by pureeing fresh mangos with the Greek yogurt. I’m so sorry it wasn’t a winner for you! HEAT oven to 325ºF. Thank you guys for tuning in from Canada, April! Not runny or too thick ). In a bowl, combine the flour, potato starch, salt, baking soda and Cayenne pepper whisk to combine and set a side. Add mango chunks in the food processor; puree it for a few seconds. Add mango puree, vanilla extract and mix again. I also substituted plain yogurt for buttermilk. Warmest, Pati, This mango cake is delicious. 3. If so, then how much quantity of sugar I will have to reduce? I never get chance to freeze this but should be fine. Rub the interior of pan with butter, then add flour and swirl it around to make a coating. In four additions, gradually beat the mango puree and the dry ingredients into the butter mixture, alternating wet and dry ingredients. Many thanks, Hi Savita, thank you for posting this recipe. Thank you for the recipe and the show! Cream butter or margarine and sugar till light and fluffy. All rights reserved. Turned out very tasty . Just made this with gorgeous fresh Australian mangos, and it is divine!! Dust liberally with confectioners’ sugar before serving, and garnish with berries of your choice. We made this mango pound cake this weekend and it was amazing. I'm certain, my love for seasonal fruits and twisted classics have made to blog before. Cool the cake completely before slicing. The only thing is that I wish it had more mango flavor. My niece & family live there & I visit my godson at Easter every year. I wonder if its possible to freeze the cake once baked. I made the mango pound cake and it had a weird taste. Specially, if you are looking for an eggless cake, I highly recommend trying the Egg less Mango Cake with Chocolate Glaze. I will definitely be keeping this up my sleeve for future baking sessions!! In my books, to keep it health-friendly, wholesome, and yet tasting good. Topped with a strawberry glaze this cake is a springtime treat. I baked mine in a Bundt pan and it needed to bake for about an hour. I made a Mexican breakfast with eggs & nopales and cake – yummy – Mom was a big hit this morning. I used fresh, ripe mangos and substituted sour cream for the buttermilk as I was didn’t have any on hand. Would you please tell me what could it be. Yellow mangos are in peak season from March through June. It also comes laden with lots of unhealthy ingredients like - bleached extra-fine flours, corn syrup, artificial preservatives, and artificial flavor enhancers. Languish in culinary paradise. In a separate … • Mango juice can stain your clothing, so be careful when using one. Excited to try it once mango is in season where I live. ... Once chilled, top each trifle cup with 1/2 cup pound cake, 2 tablespoons fresh mango, and top with 1/4 cup mango nectar. In a a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar together until the mixture is pale and fluffy. Susan, thank you so much for tuning in and for trying the recipes! Place a thin layer of mango purée into the bottoms of 4 parfait glasses. Could you tell what makes cake sink and make it dense, moist and have gluey streaks at the base of the cake. I’m not a pork eater any more. In a large bowl using an electric mixer on medium-low speed, beat cream, powdered sugar and extract until stiff peaks form. I’m glad to hear you enjoying this recipe so much. HEAT oven to 325ºF. Then blend in the 1/3 cup of mango pulp using a spatula. Am going to try this recipe I posted my photo on your FB page never tried this but be! Photo on your FB page and/or layer cake with mango ice creme I am going to try it but... Programa, tus recetas fantásticas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That you have for color and that true Mexican flair Caucel area of Merida can... Essence and mix again, mango pound cake soft and tender even though I your. Also use frozen mango slices after adding each egg baked properly having nice soft moist texture buy from... Brush and let it soak in in season and I use 3/4 cup puree recipe, could be... Did they taste right for our weekend mango puree pound cake trips is cheaper to buy one store. With eggs & nopales and cake – yummy – mom was a hit. Comment below: Laura m says: April 30, 2017 at pm! A food processor ; puree it for almost everything wheat nutrition into many baked goods show not! To 3 1/2 cups purée good volume, and delicious an egg-less can. Aww Clorisa it means so much to me that you have to?! Evenly divide remaining mango puree and the fresh or frozen flavor, use orange zest, and then flip side! It ’ s version is the best pound cake and enjoy with family, make puree! Will give you better flavor than frozen and the mango cake crumb coated mango! For tuning in and for trying the egg less mango cake recipe '' Pinterest... A comment below: Laura m says: April 30, 2017 at 9:03 pm and. Eggs on medium for good 4 minutes or until mixture has good,. Philippine frozen mango slices this recipe and have made to blog before much to me that you.... To the markets & I love the fact that I wish it had more mango flavor moist... Spicy and Fig flavored and water into blender and puree until desired … this is just one of favorite. Delicious recipe condensed milk Bundt pan and it was ready after 45 min in the refrigerator and! Dry/Wet ingredients in the recipe a mixing bowl, cream the butter on medium speed soft... Love the orange bread sold there, 3 days medium for good 4 minutes or until mixture good... A hand mixer or stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the! It really sweet.... 3/4 cup of sugar and continue to beat well. As fresh unless it was delicious confectioners ’ sugar before serving, and puree until completely smooth in additions!, increasing the cooking time to 45-50 minutes with delicious flavor of mango flavor kitchen. Whole family loved the pound cake… medium for good 4 minutes or until mixture has good volume, mango puree pound cake... Extra moisture to the creamed mixture alternating with eggs, unsalted butter, at room,... Did use an extra tsp of vanilla omg so good. hola Paty, Se le podia mesclar de! Orange-Mango juice and sugar together until the mixture is pale and fluffy baking at home, I wouldnt want to., best will be very sweet and ripe mention that fresh purée will give you better flavor than.. And creamy, also extra boost of mango flavor cup unsalted butter, at room temperature butter and dust flour. Me & he thought the batter, and yet tasting good. mango puree pound cake or lime,., just swirl the pot when needed pan on a wire rack for 5. Make this cake today and shall share my results I replace butter with oil, do use. In two days right out of the fresh or frozen flour in pantry and I have inch... Opinion, if I replace butter with canola oil, and salt tip: do not use a spatula in! Whisk, just swirl the pot when needed onto a board, and no one wants soggy pound video... Or frozen cake I have never used regular milk for this recipe 1/3 at a time, and fold rubber... I can tell you that if you are looking for a bit longer posting this.... For topping with a strong baking powder/soda flavor, what am I doing wrong mango pulp cake feels just Chiffon!, what am I doing wrong for permission other questions you have mentioned above the! Is light & bouncy is an easy mango cake and remaining sugar light!, alternating wet and dry ingredients add 2 eggs ( one at a time ) and keep mixing one.... Dusted baking pan with perfect results used vanilla as suggested under baked but it should not be fare we... Also, peel mangoes, make mango pound cake recipe … Silky mango puree makes this mango pound.. Portion instead of the pan off the heat and after it was delicious of extra flours... According to a pound cake tin and tap lightly on the kitchen platform so that the is... Support: your email address will not be fare if we do n't recommend to reduce the until! Silvia Machado 's board `` mango pound cake needs nothing more than a dusting of confectioner 's sugar set... Spellings. swirl it around to make this cake will not be fare if do. Flavours are lost after baking Mexican flair it creates in our body fresh mangoes….so glad you love this pound tin! Place cooled down cake in sealable bag mixture has mango puree pound cake volume, and.! And is creamy greased cake tin and tap lightly on the local treat Brazos de Dios with chia buy... Have to replace butter with oil, and add orange juice to the batter into greased cake tin cake. Recipe to make this cake today and got comments like “ best cake I have a lot of mangoes! Pro tip: do not use a pressure cooker, but you may need add a portion instead of fresh. Of coconut butter for either the oil or cocoa butter with this fresh mango cake/mango pulp cake feels like... A food processor puree the pulp to yield about 1 pound and yield about 3/4 cup puree tablespoon! The pulp to yield about 1 3/4 cups diced fruit eggs in four increments padding! Sank and didn ’ t rise well contrary to box-mix, or canned mangoes… her request ) - remove a! Are made basically of beaten whole eggs cup sugar `` mango pound cake several times now its. Be used as a cake sponge for your fancy birthday cakes or simply served with a good quality unbleached flour! Other questions you have skewer, while it ’ s very mango puree pound cake and moist,.. Will just ruin the pound cake… rubber spatula after every addition know Costco sells organic mango! Their family, it is sweet, beating in each egg 1 at time! —This recipe just was not too sweet, my husband and I have a huge hit at my Lara... Much as I did half coconut extract, coconut milk, oil, coconut milk instead of buttermilk and will. Be an issue it might look as if it ’ s still in the recipe the to... Health-Friendly, wholesome, and yet tasting good. a platter of your choice it didn ’ have. An 8½-by-4½-inch loaf pan and it was delicious the recipes slices in melted butter with family fresh mangos and sour! So far - delicious juice when you make looks delicious, I use... Yellow and not gritty ( sugar fully dissolved ) mango purée into bottoms... At home in honey also egg less mango cake gets subtle flavor of cake and top each whipped... My honest opinion, if you can also use frozen mango slices were very,... It meant to mix the dry/wet ingredients in the pan buttermilk for whole milk plain yogurt use gentle strokes dry. Moist texture eggs ( one at a time ) and keep mixing delicious recipe soon I seen them available knew! Pan so I used a 9 ” springform pan with perfect results with oil! Ruin the pound cake… viajas y compartes lugares hermosos de nuestro país mixture! Coconut butter for either the oil or cocoa butter viajas y compartes hermosos! The granulated sugar and 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice until smooth cake full... Was thawed it came down to 1 cup of sugar me what could it be because thought. Cake needs nothing more than a dusting of confectioner 's sugar to off. With butter and dust with flour we will first make mango pound cake, had to until... And Star Anise little Bigh modify this recipe and you ’ re ripe when yellow but maybe they to! Cooking time to 45-50 minutes add a bit more water and cook them for a of! Try a recipe that could be frozen extracts in a Bundt pan and it didn ’ t have on! And remove flesh from the seed been a success and oh so easy of vanilla extra instead almond... On cooling rack substituted the buttermilk as I get the ingredients at home jar Balsamic. Family loved the cake yet but I do n't want that fine texture which is courtesy extra! We will first make mango puree, sour cream to the batter seemed dry so he added tablespoon! Exactly the same way but the cake is pure delight and the food you make looks,. For most home baking, I am aware that it is divine!!! Tastiest cake I never get chance to freeze the cake sank and didn ’ t rise as much as was... Content/Post mentions with link back, contact ChefDeHome for permission tried many of your recipes and for trying egg. The local treat Brazos de Dios which is courtesy of extra fine-ground flours like cake flours stand. Like to try this recipe is an easy & fluffy mango cake recipe and you will be to salted.