BIN HD Assets/HD Characters/TUR/Emotional Fury Broly (Character) HD.png; BIN HD Assets/HD Full Arts/LR/A New Life on Vampa Broly, Cheelai, & Lemo HD.png; BIN HD Assets/HD Full Arts/LR/Beginning of Jet-Black Justice Zamasu (Goku) HD.png Cheelai and Lemo were both apart of the Frieza Force for various reasons, Lemo being in there for a rather long time including back in the Namek Saga where Frieza was publicly evil. 2346. 4628. Health 24,610 1,500,000 Physical Attack 2,440 149,030 Blast Attack 2,390 146,170 Physical Defense 1,500 91,680 Blast Defense 1,520 92,600 Critical 1359 1359 Ki Restore Speed 2402 2402 Equipment Slots 1 3 Resistances Slash Stab Shock Explosion 95 101 102 102 Main … ... 28. Gine, understandably, is terrified at the thought of her son being forcibly … INT Paragus & Broly are the Team support, Boosting the Team's ATK significantly and are self-Buffed 130% ATK when the Enemy is a Pure Saiyan. Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +100%: Teamwork Crash: Causes supreme damage to enemy and lowers ATK: Breakaway Battalion: ATK & DEF +50% and performs an additional attack with a medium chance of becoming a Super Attack; Ki +3 and DEF +50% for all allies; They can also debuff as … Options. A New Life on Vampa Broly & Cheelai & Lemo (A Tier) This trio has a rather unique passive that gives you options to support their allies or themselves. Cons. This is especially disappointing when Broly and Cheelai share the field with SP 1st Form Frieza PUR, who adds a Special Arts Card to the Team's deck. 6537. Originally created by writer Takao Koyama and designed by Akira Toriyama for the Non-Serial Movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, with the intention of being just another Villain of the Week.. Element Type Melee Statistics Name Min. Friend Finder APKs & Mods Reddit Discount Stones Japan-Codes DB Legends Space Team Builder DBZ Dokkan Summon Stats Brave Browser. Broly & Cheelai & Lemo. Keep in mind that he is still a child and losing the memory of the faces of his parents for years to come brings a tear to your eye. Cheelai also admits to being in the force due to being on the run from some goons for stealing their ship I believe. The young Kakarot sees his parents for the first time, but Bardock and Gine have him sent to Earth for his protection. Broly: Cheelai (Assist) (DBL22-09S) Character Card Details. 77. - Battlefield Diva - Solid Support - Prepared for Battle - Courage - The Innocents - Fierce Battle Peppy Gals Broly and Cheelai's Teammates can take advantage of the Team's Special Arts Cards much better than they can. Girls, Frieza Force, Saiyan, Other, SPARKING, Melee Type, BLU, Sagas From the Movies, Broly… Shares same name as LR TEQ Broly; ... Can be put in a team with AGL LR SS Goku, who has a greater damage output. Recommended Alternates The Team has several Top Tier Cards, many of which have been left off this example Team Build. A white, lizard-like tyrant (Frieza), a green-skinned, human-looking, female alien with white hair (Cheelai), an old, orange-skinned alien with a beanie (Lemo), and finally, our giant Saiyan who looks exactly like the one from the DVD case: Long, messy hair, scar running down his left cheek, and tan-skinned (Broly). However, due to positive reception, Broly … "The Legendary Super Saiyan", Broly is a villain well known in the Dragon Ball franchise. Max.